Fashion items for sale (Fall '22)

Good afternoon, folks! I have some fashion items for sale. Three different styles are available at three different price points.

Cheapest: 3 ducats

This is your standard egg-in-nest.

Middle: 5 ducats.

A stone egg in a flower nest.

Most expensive: 7 ducats if you buy it ahead of time, 8 if you buy it at game.

Stone egg, flower, nest. I’ll have multiple colours available, and can take requests ahead of time according to my inventory. Any requests must be made by the end of the 11th of September.

I look forward to suiting your fashion needs, and hope to see you at my wedding during the festival!


Five minutes past the deadline… but I would love one of the most elaborate options. In whichever colors you think would look best with my uniform, I am not picky.

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I can absolutely provide that! I had some pre-made for just this occasion.

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Looking at the other egg postings has put me in a pitball mood… if the one on the right is available, black on grey, may I have that one? Then I can support the 'Dillos even under occupation.

Definitely! It’s more of a black on light-blue, but it’ll go with your uniform regardless.

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Excellent! I’m sure Mr. Mikhailovich will forgive me.

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