Family Trees

I’ve been working on one for the Everharts/Eos/Daví families, but I’m interested to see if anyone else wanted to throw together some visual representations of their family hierarchy? Some of these families are large and it is both interesting and useful to see how people are related to each other! I will post mine as soon as I finish it (and will potentially update it in the future).

EDIT: Here is my example family tree. It’s going to be expanded as more details get figured out within my family, and I’ll probably make a fancy handwritten version eventually.

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I can supply one for the Alize, and if people had any desire to learn what our admittedly complex naming schema means, I am willing to explain that as well.


That would be lovely to have written down somewhere!

Please do. I’d love to one day be able to properly address members of your family.

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I am concerned for how long this mind end up being cousin, with how large our family is now, I’m sure not many would enjoy so long a read.

Perhaps just first names on the tree itself, then an additional insert for the full names and conventions? XD

Oh I believe we can do that yes. My larger concern was when we start doing a more complete tree which stretches across this country.

Perhaps if we restrict it to the most immediate blood family of each member.

Oh yes, Tashif. I intend to make it as simple as possible. As for the name explanation, I will put that in a separate place for clarity.

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