Fall Kitchen Help Important Announcement and Thank You's!

So actually we’ll have the thankyou’s out later tonight, but FIRST I have an important request!

If you left us a “time card” but did not specify if you wanted to be rewarded in Ducats or CP for your time, you need to reply here or Ducky will probably just give you whatever is easiest for him to process xD

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Oops! Ducats, please

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So First off I would Like to note some Special Thankyous:

To George who plays Gideon Laureen! Not only did he help me cook up half the Masala before the event, but he then spent OVER SIX HOURS in the kitchen this past weekend prepping food on Friday and helping cook Both Breakfasts! In fact he was our MOST prodigious kitchen worker! (Even beating me by 45 additional minutes!) Breakfast help has a special place in my heart since it’s so dang hard to be up and ready at 7am.

Speaking of breakfast Help I also want to Specially Thank Beth who plays Demyan, and Brendan who plays Edric as they are both also stalwart pillars in the PK Breakfast crew, especially Beth who spent a whooping 4 hours in the kitchen! We really couldn’t have nice hot breakfast w/o her! And lastly for Breakfast I want to thank Dave who plays Almanzo for being on Breakfast clean-up; without him I have trouble making Muster and Apothecary breakfast and it’s a huge load off my mind!

I would also like to thank Andrew who plays Kelso who spent hours being our Lovely Lunch Captain, and Eli who plays Lilywhite for cleaning up the Lunch leftovers for us! As a very special thankyou, Jamie who plays Damien was our MASTER OF MASHED POTATOES and made all those lovely cheesy or Garlic Potatoes for us!

And last but not least of course I would like to thank Dan who Plays Lars! Not only did he help me make the other half of the Masala before the event, but he did an AMAZING job as Dinner Captain , slaving away for 3 hours Saturday night! This poor guy had to put up with me forgetting to pack several important ingredients and was still able to whip up couple special orders regardless to make sure everyone got tasty hot donner on a chilly evening! Truly a real Kitchen Hero! And thankyou as well to Sam who plays Zhany as our wonderful Dinner clean-up wizard! (Not not actually because magic is illegal)

And last, but CERTAINLY not least is Logan who plays Ebeneezer! Thanks to our wonderful Snack Captain y’all have lemonade, water, bread, fruit, and eggs all weekend! They truly did an AMAZING job, because every time I popped into check on things they were all good!


I would also like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped us in the Kitchens this Past Festival! If you don’t see your name here, PLEASE Contact me:

Isaac Everheart
Kelso Cedargren
Orysana Ulkanav Vaybess
Velenza Morqine
Remy Locksley
Willowby Bright
Nathrach Quigley
Enoch Cyrus Artimus Eliason Quinbee
Steadfast W.
Francis Amira
Reverie Tellez

Special Mention to Edric, Kelso, Petra, Avy, Rhett, Orysana, Velenza, Rosie, Steadfast, and Francis for all spending 2 or more hours in the kitchen this weekend! Y’all really went above and beyond, thank you so much!


CP please.

I probably had the smallest contribution of everyone. I popped in and out a lot and saw the community hard at work. I want to extend a huge thank you- I saw how hard you were working and I appreciate it.


CP Please!

CP please! :slight_smile:

I would like cp please.

I completely forgot about that. CP please!

CP for me please

CP for me please!

CP please!!

CP for me too please!