Fall 2020 Cancellation

As I’m sure no one is surprised (or happy) to hear, we will be cancelling our entire fall season this year and will not be running either the Fall or Winter events.

We remain very hopeful about being able to play in the spring next year, and our plan is to continue plot exactly where we left it. We don’t intend to do anything like “a year passed and you were all busy” or anything - we’re just going to hand wave that there is a missing year on the calendar and not worry about it too much (please, don’t worry about it too much). You should roleplay next year like 2020 didn’t happen and that 1719 led into 1721 and that’s perfectly normal.

We’ll be working to coordinate some sort of OOG meet-up/hangout online event in partnership with Witchwood, to replace our normal summer gathering - expect something about that in September. We’ll also be working on ways to continue to connect with you throughout the fall and winter, so watch this space for that. We miss you all deeply.

On CP: I’m going to be awarding CP from the spring soon(ish), but we won’t be resetting the season spending cycle until after next year’s Spring and Summer events. Think of it as a year-and-a-half long CP cycle (or, again, like 2020 simply didn’t happen). We’ll probably come up with some craft projects to work on over the long break that might otherwise take a lot of time, and as we get closer to our actual season, we’ll start thinking about donations.

On our financial situation: you were all very generous with donating your registration fees last year - thank you so very much, it made a huge difference. As a result, even after losing our deposits on the camp/paying insurance for a year we didn’t use/etc, we are still in a strong financial situation and are not concerned about our ability to operate next year and the following years. You need not worry about us. You were all spectacular, and we appreciate your generosity. Red Feather Roleplaying will be around for a while.

A year is a long time to go without any Port Katherine. They say that you always write the LARP you wish you could play, and it is certainly true that I created a game that I eagerly look forward to existing in four times per year. It only makes it more difficult than such an exceptional group of people chose to share that world with me. I look forward to seeing you all again once things are safer, and I hope that each of you stay well while we endure until then.

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine