Fall 2018 Safety Notes

Safety Notes:

Temperatures as low as 58 degrees this weekend - stay fed, hydrated and make sure your bedding is warm

Crescent Moon and Partly cloudy: If you have Port Katherine approved light sources, bring them. It’s probably going to be VERY dark at night.

Tick Season: There’s ticks, they will try to drink your blood and give you nasty diseases. Regular tick checks, tick ring for possible removal, etc.

If there are any additional concerns or questions please don’t hesitate.

I have never heard of a tick ring?

It is a device that is shaped to get the tick off you with minimal fuss. If you don’t have one though, you can use the traditional methods. The Alize cabin has all the stuff you’d need to get a tick off sans a tick ring and you are absolutely welcome to our supplies. I generally keep all our medical stuff in the top drawer of whatever is the closest chest of drawers to the front door of our cabin. The kit is intensely pastel.

I keep one on my person at all times if someone needs one.

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Speaking of ticks, I only learned this after my last tick bite, so I figured I’d share:

Thanks Pat. Things I’d planned to cover at Game on. :slight_smile:

Basically most of the ticks around here are Deer ticks, and something like 90%+ of deer ticks carry Lyme. One of the really nice things though, is the 24 hour window they’re mentioning here. Basically, the real threat of Lyme disease comes when the tick is engorged but still attached. That’s when it’s own saliva starts to flow back into the host, and the bacteria flows with it.

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