Fall 1718 Menu

Saturday Breakfast
Thin yogurt and granola
Herbed cheesey biscuits
Assorted fruits
Hard boiled eggs
Oatmeal and fixings

Saturday Lunch
Red enchilada casserole
Bean enchilada casserole
Green enchilada casserole
Vegetables and dip

Saturday Dinner
Pork ribs with barbecue sauces
Seasoned tofu steaks
Fall vegetable medley
Root vegetable gratin
Bread with flavored butters
(We encourage you to seek dessert at the carnival, that’s where we’ll be after dinner!)

Sunday Breakfast
Assorted muffins
Assorted fruits
Bread and cheese
Hard boiled eggs
Oatmeal and fixings


Any chance I can get a heads up on what the enchilada casseroles contain, more specifically? Thanks!

The red enchilada casserole normally contains ground beef, white onion, corn tortilla, shredded cheese, flour for thickening, and seasonings (red Chile powder, garlic powder onion powder, cumin and oregano)
A portion will be made without the cheese or flour to be gluten free and dairy free.

The bean enchilada will be the same seasonings, vegetable oil, onion, and corn tortilla

The green enchilada will be beef, onion, corn tortilla, garlic, onion, oregano, canned green chili peppers, and cream of mushroom soup, also topped with cheese

I will be checking the forums periodically throughout the day if anyone requires further clarification.

Ichabod Kellermann

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Thank you.

Would it be possible for a portion of one of the meat enchiladas to be prepared without onion? Alternately, I believe in the past there has been some form of simple soup or sandwiches available on request, and if I could arrange that in advance it would greatly ease my anxiety.

I can also make some separate arrangement for myself for Saturday lunchtime if needed.

As Someone who has rubbish tastes and doesn’t like Chilli spiced food personally I was thinking of doing a hearty progresso type canned soup over white rice, and I will have a portion or two extra I’m sure, If anyone else wants something really mild. Just let me know, rice is infinit and it’s no trouble to take an extra can of soup with me.

The onion and garlic powders have already been added to the meat, as it is prepared ahead of time. A portion of enchilada could certainly be prepared without the fresh onion if that would be of value.

PB and J fixings and grilled cheeses on request should be available more or less constitutively throughout the weekend.

Apologies if a noted restriction was overlooked, Mildred and I have had a great deal to keep track of ahead of the Festival.

Onion powder is generally fine, the difficulty would be with chopped onions. If the beans are pinto, I could also have that one sans onion.

I have quite the laundry list of restrictions so it’s very understandable one might be missed. That’s why I check the menu ahead of time.

I have added to my notes to prepare a portion of the casseroles without the onion component.

^ This sounds like Component Chemistry.

Are we going to have the snack table Witchwood puts out?

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There will be snacks on a table. Attempts were made to balance the considerations of taste, nourishment, and budget when deciding what snacks to place on the table. I have no information on what the Witchwood snack table has consisted of recently.

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This sounds amazing, thanks so much for putting it together!


Witchwood has had the standard m&m, cashews (protein), crackers, sandwich fixings, and this time, Oreos.

Thank you for clarifying. To the original question then, we will not have the snack table Witchwood usually puts out.
Best regards,
Ichabod Kellermann

As a tea drinker, will one of the percolators be filled with hot water and one with coffee, or will they both be coffee again?

The Season’s Edge strives to ensure that both coffee and tea will be available throughout the weekend. That said specific asset allocation will vary and priority will always be given to coffee as it keeps the kitchen staff alive.
Ichabod Kellermann

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Fancy language is confusing to me. Is the answer that there will be no hot water in the percolator?

(out of game we’re packing in tonight and need to know whether the players working the kitchen are willing to share one of the percolators with the folks who want tea. If not we’ll have to bring our own equipment.)

(Basically I drink a lot of tea, and I provide a lot of fancy, period appropriate, and seasonally appropriate teas for the game. If we have to wait for a stove top kettle every time we use tea, I’m not doing that and I’ll put out the electric.)

(If you want to guarantee always having hot water for tea without waiting than yes I would bring your own. There might be one available but no plans are currently made to ensure this)