F.I.S.H. Info and Answers Sort Of

Ravishing residents of our resplendent Port Katherine! It is I, your sermon spouting, Saints serving chaplain Clorica just wanting to squeeze in a quick lil message to you all about the Order that serves the One of Many Arms! Let’s face it, you’ve seen the wooden fish tokens, you’ve heard about how Hearty we tend to be, and I bet you have some QUESTIONS (no concerns though right that would be wild there is nothing to be concerned about at all!)

I, as well as my dear companions Zhany and Reverie (who I’m volunteering if they have the free time but feel well and good about bothering myself regardless of how busy I am pretending to be) would be delighted to answer any of those questions and explain all the neat and wonderful things the Order are doing to help around Port Katherine! We’ll be around this Winter to assist in answering what questions we can and quieting any concerns (but there are none of course so that’s nothing no worries no stress).

Remember your earplugs, the Dog Who Barks At Inappropriate Times is extra active this time of year!

Yours dearly (I don’t know how to sign things off no one told me),
Clorica Taibhain

[OOC Hey if you won’t be at Winter or maybe prefer text feel free to message me (Candelia) on slack! Otherwise we wanna make sure if folks are interested in stuff or have like, concerns, we can chat and roleplay about it!]