Extra CP + two-weapon discount

Hi all! I finally finished planning out my character yesterday (kinda late, i know) and put everything into the character builder. However, I was surprised to see I had 34 CP available. At first I thought the extra 4 CP were from NPC’ing Witchwood last weekend, but Jordan tells me that that CP hasn’t gone out yet, and anyway it isn’t four whole points. None of the other misc sources of CP seem to apply to me—where did those extra four come from?

Also- I bought off-hand weapon while building the character and then realized that i actually wanted the full two-weapon. According to the rulebook two-weapon should discount the cost of off-hand weapon and therefore be just 1 CP. The character builder doesn’t seem to take that into account. Is that a technical limitation of the builder, or a bug, or have i just misunderstood?

The extra 4 cp come from the stretch goals back when this game was first being set up.

As for off hand weapon, if it’s not discounting poke eben about it. But also remember for your first two games you are allowed to respec your character, and can swap out off- hand for two weapon, saving you more cp. I would recommend waiting on that part though as you’ll learn more about how you actually want your skills laid out once you play a couple times.

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Yeah, it looks like we forgot to turn that off when we flipped to this year. Congratulations! You get 4 extra CP!

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine


Chances are, if you want off hand and dual wielding you would need to buy off hand and save the sheet, then reload and 2 dual wielding would likely show the discount. Usually when something discounts another skill the sheet doesn’t update in real time since you don’t actually have off-hand until you confirm the purchase. If that doesn’t work then bug Eben. (Landowner profession is similarly funky)

thanks all! makes total sense about the stretch goal CP. The two-weapon discounting def isn’t happening even with offhand saved; I had saved/committed the changes before I realized I even needed two-weapon, otherwise I would have just de-selected offhand instead of trying to get the discount to work. So, I’ll check in with Eben about it. I appreciate the info!

It also may only take effect once you finalize the purchase of 2 weapons.