Expiration of "free uses" from lessons

Requesting an official clarification regarding the “free uses” of skills gained from lessons: when one unlocks an advanced header, do any remaining free uses of a skill in that header expire immediately, or only when one actually purchases that skill?

General consensus seems to be that you lose the free uses after four events or when you purchase it, whichever happens first. Brian has previously confirmed this unofficially via Slack: https://boston-larp.slack.com/archives/CAR7C5MLH/p1568212336122100

But I noticed that page 34 of the rulebook appears to give a contradictory account (“Once you have collected all four skills in a true or advanced header, the free uses stop”).

If unlocking a true/advanced header doesn’t cause remaining free uses to disappear early, it’s possible that this sentence in the rulebook could use a tweak. Either way, I just want to make sure I know how this works, so that I don’t find myself unexpectedly lacking a use of a skill I thought I’d have.


We’ll update the rulebook to match my ruling.