Evasive Manuvers vs Suprise Effects, and other assassinate questions

I was thinking about this after the previous clarification on what automatically triggers vs what you must be conscious to use. I understand that while I must be awake to use it, can I still use evasive maneuvers while surprised?

For example, I understand that the shadows were throwing assassinate packets in spring, would I just be able to take it as the five damage, or would it send me critical like everyone else?

And so I don’t clog things up, if you take an assassinate call to a limb instead of the torso, while I know that doesn’t critical you, does it function as a maim? Similar to pierce?

Assassinate packets are, with very limited exception, not a thing. I’ll go back through NPC stats and make sure that that’s actually true, but in general surprise attacks should only be delivered by actual weapons. If they are delivered by packet, you can Evasive Maneuvers them as long as they are not prefixed with Arcane

Assassinate to limb does nothing. Say something like “no effect, limb” so the person using the effect knows why you didn’t take it.


Great, thanks for letting me know!

And that’s about what I thought it was.