Engineers guild

Hello all my name is Edward William Luxtrous. I am the quartermaster of the Grey Gale Company. I have spoken with a few of you on the matter of pooling engineer resources and schematics to ensure there is no wasted funds or effort. I would like to make it official and create a guild of engineers working to future the town and build somethi g great. All interested in helping build this guild as an engineer or a finacer please let me know. My goals are to make schematics open book and make it easier for new engineers who come to the city to be involved in it.

Quartermaster Luxtrous,

We made good progress on that matter Dawning 3, after your departure. Countess Jeremy was taking some of the lead on the matter, and Countess Julian and your own Magnus Amira seem to have the largest collections of Schematics, and were discussing ways to share them.

Frederick, Comptess Northmarsh

Frederick, Compress Northmarsh

I am pleased to hear that this is the case. I was aware talks had begun but was not aware they were further then that. If it is pleasing to countless Jeremy I would like to maintain my hand in helping. It is my belief thay the engineering guild take form and be allowed as much freedom as possible when experimenting. Maintaining their ability to do so is my priority. If the countes is able to run the guild and has no interest in my help I will accept that. In this matter co-operation and shared abilities shall be the power that keep us all safe.

Edward William Luxtrous GGC