Engineering Guild: Information and Survey

For the Citizens of Port Katherine: A Survey

The Port Katherine Guild of Engineers seeks guidance as to what items would be most interesting and helpful to be available for purchase, so we may best assist you. While there are a large number of possible items which could be built, the resources to gain access to all of them are currently lacking, and we would prefer to focus on those items which will be most in demand.

To that end, we present a list of the various items we are aware of at present as things we could learn to create. As to each item, we list the name, effect, materials and time required to the best of our ability, although we have noticeable gaps in our understanding in some places. Each day of work also consumes a piece of arcanum, which we have not listed.

While these are all the items we are currently aware of, we anticipate additional items becoming available as time progresses. If you would be so kind as to indicate in a response to this post which of the listed items you find interesting (keeping in mind of course that the cost of an item will be higher if it requires additional time and/or materials), or what other sorts of items you would be interested in, it would be most helpful to us in directing our efforts at the next Festival and beyond.

Questions or comments can certainly be posted here, but we are also trying to tabulate responses in our survey box,

Thank you!

Ammunition and other Firearms Supplies

At present, all of these are single use. Ammunition loads instantly, it does not take a minute. Vials must be produced by apothecaries. Having multiple loaded guns on you is still bad.

Air, Earth, Fire, or Water round: Load a strike of the named element into a gun. Requires a day and a vial of the named element.

Cannonballs: Fires three foam balls from a cannon, takes a minute to load, anyone struck takes a Fireball, also you can call a voice fireball on three targets within five feet of where one of the balls lands. No one takes more than a single fireball. We don’t think you can actually use this unless you’re an engineer with Artillery, though. One day, Three Lead and Two Iron.

Dragon’s Breath: Load a “Fireball” call into a gun. An Engineer must spend a minute repairing the gun after it is fired before it can be used again. Requires a day, a fire vial, and a copper.

Remote Injector: Load a “Purify” call into a gun. Requires three days, a purify vial, and two lead.

Wake Up Round: Load an “Awaken” call into a gun. Requires two days, an alertness vial, and a lead.

Bullet: Refreshes one expended “Bullet” skill. Requires one lead per Bullet. By default requires 1 day per Bullet, but in bulk orders, that time (but not the lead or arcanum expenditure) may be reduced by the application of Iron.

Reloading Aid: Load guns 10 seconds faster for 1 Festival. Requires 3 days, one iron, and one copper.

Armor and Clothing Supplies

Again, these are all single use items.

Armor Patch: Once ever, repair all armor on a single individual (including Chest Armor) instantly. We think they can still be wearing it, but aren’t certain. Requires 3 days, cactus, and leather.

Basic Active Countermeasures: We are guessing from the name this is one use of the Skirmisher Evasive Maneuvers Skill, but maybe it is Avoid Trap, or we could be entirely wrong. 3 Days, Cactus, and Coal.

Concealing Pouch: A small pouch which can be concealed once, along with its contents. Requires 2 days and one leather.

Flimsy Decorative Broach: Wear for one festival, receive +1 Political Influence at the end of the Festival. Requires 3 days, one copper, one iron.

Minor Armor Reinforcement: +3 Armor. The additional armor cannot be repaired once lost. Presumably doesn’t stack with itself, but we have not determined that for certain. Requires 2 days, one leather.

Minor Heavy Armor Reinforcement : We believe this is one use of the Soldier Retreat Skill. We are not certain if it stacks with the Minor Armor Reinforcement. Requires 3 days, one leather, one copper.

Blade Enhancements

Automated Poisoner: Used with a venom vial, it adds a Venom augment to a blade which can be triggered at will, rather than on the next swing. 3 days, 1 iron, 1 copper.

Double-bladed Sharpening Mechanism: Requires Calibration. Attaches to one weapon. Requires 1 Electricity (See below) each Festival to function. For the duration of the festival, you can spend five minutes to apply a “pierce” augment to that weapon. Requires 4 days, 2 Iron, and 1 Copper.

Grooved Edge: Allows the application of a potion to ones blade, but we are not certain of the exact effect yet. 3 Days, Copper and Iron.

Single Sharpener: Requires Calibration. Attaches to one weapon. Requires 1 Electricity (See below) each Festival to function. For the duration of the festival, you can spend five minutes to apply an augment to that weapon which isn’t as good as a pierce, so just get the double-bladed one for one more day and one more iron. (It’s either maim or cleave, we don’t remember.) Requires 3 days, 1 Iron, and 1 Copper.

Training Sword: Anyone can wield it, even without skill, but you can’t use skills with it or do damage. We suppose you could block someone swinging at you. Requires 1 day and 1 wood.

Additional Gadgetry

Alembic: Single Use. Grants an apothecary four uses of distillation for one BGS. Requires 4 days, 2 Magnesium, 1 Copper.

Capacitance Jar: Generates one unit of electricity, once. Requires 3 days, 1 Magnesium, and 1 Copper.

Chemical Augmentation: Single Use Item to rack a vial or elixir to trigger the next time it would have an effect, as the Artificer skill. We believe it can be stacked by an artificer, but are not certain. 3 days, 1 copper, 1 iron.

Clockwork Limb: Replace a permanently injured limb. Will not replace Aether corrupted limbs. Requires Calibration. 7 days, 3 Copper, 2 Iron, 1 Coal.

Engineer’s Light: Small red flashlight. Permanent, but may require electricity per event. Requires 2 days, 1 sapphire.

Magnifying Scalpel: Once ever, for ELECTIVE surgery, a Surgeon adds beads to your bag as appropriate, but does not draw at the end of the surgery. Requires 3 days, 1 iron, and 1 sapphire.

Preservation Jar: Preserves one component until the next Festival. As far as we are aware, the rarity of the the component does not matter. 3 days, Cactus and Magnesium.

Reading Aid: We think this is something to do with checking out library books, but don’t know what exactly. Requires 3 days, Sapphire, Copper.

Simple Lock: Permanent 3 number combination lock. Requires 7 days, 3 Coal, 2 Copper, and 1 Iron

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Single sharpener is cleave, the chemical augmentation does stack with an artificers training, and benefits from any additional training we learn such as hand cannon.

Is the preservation jar reuseable from festival to festival or is it single use?

Almost certainly single use.

I believe single use.

Bumping this as Game gets closer…

Armor patches, alembics, and preservation jars sound like things I would buy.

I know this has been up on the bulletin board for a while, but I wanted to circle back to the line “we don’t think you can use this unless you’re an engineer with Artillery, though.”

After a conversation that I had with Captain Stanton this past spring, it sounds like it is also possible for Naval Officers to learn how to operate the cannon as, in his words, “What, you think the Navy staffs her ships entirely with university trained engineers”

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