Elixirs for Sale this Summer

Hello. I encourage other Apothecary’s to list similar stocks here as well.

Since Festivals are so hectic and the Tavern quite too dark friday night for a silent auction, I would like to advertise the elixirs I will have available for sale ahead of time. These are available on a first come, first serve basis, but reservations can be made by contacting me ahead of time.

(1) “Meditation Elixir” Allows you to refresh 4cp worth of skills, 6cp if you also use the recovery skill when you drink it. (10d)

(1) “Bloodcap Elixir” An oil that, when applied to a blade, guides it unerringly towards the heart. An assassin’s weapon. (10d) Sold.

(1) Any one Common Elixir from the options listed below. (Must buy within 4 days so it can be made in time! (6d))

  • Sweet Dreams Potion: Allows you to rest well as if it were your aligned season.
  • Melted Carapace Oil: rubbed into the skin it does 3 acid damage, but grants 3 armor
  • Action and Reaction Powder: will disengage your target from you, and disengage you from them simultaneously.
  • “Acorn Tea” allows the drinker to use up to 2 points of research as experimentation or visa versa.
  • “Fire Strike Powder” (what it says on the tin: throw a packet for fire strike)
  • Glue gun Oil: Pour this in a gun (no bullet needed) to shoot “root” once.
  • A Potion with the properties Disease and resilience. Pretty sure it cures a disease.
  • A Potion that allows you to reduce the next trap you are hit with to just a pain effect.
  • “Hide of the Hedgehog” Oil: repairs all armor and roots you in place
  • “Echolalia” potion: a drug that makes the drinker repeat everything they hear for a few minutes
  • “Liar Liar” potion: a drug that causes someone to tell only lies for a few minutes.

And of course, An elixir made from an extremely rare giant Pearl. It is said such a potion can reconstitute one’s body, helping to diminish the effects of old scars. (We believe it adds a white bead to your surgery bag) This last elixir is untested but I will be doing some preliminary testing while creating it to verify as much of its effects possible without compromising its creation. Unlike the others, it will not be sold in advance, but instead auctioned live, in the Tavern Friday night as soon as the festivities start. The starting bid will be 50d and any additional money raised will be donated to the TC for the building and maintaining of our public works, and to the efforts of improving our Library.


I also have assassin’s blade, liar liar, and melted carapace sitting in my supplies.

I also have an elixir of speed - Gain ‘Agility’ skill for 1 hour. If a Purify is not received, -2 HP for rest of event

I have an oil that contains agitation and devastation. It sounds “neat”. Purchased

Curses cured upon request, see me for details.

I still have some purify available upon request.

Edit: I take pre-orders which you can make at the next festival.

Just a reminder that first thing Friday evening all parties interested in bidding on the giant pearl elixir, rumored to greatly fortify one’s constitution, should gather at the bar. Starting bid is 50d and all additional funds raised will be given to our TC for maintaining and building our public works.