Dying, and You! (A Lawyer's Primer on Wills)

Friends and Neighbors,

I write to you once again in the wake of barely escaped disaster to help settle some confusion and perhaps streamline some inefficiency in the services provided by the Everhart Law Offices in town. A great deal of you approached me each festival this year requesting the drawing up of legal wills to settle your affairs in the event of your untimely death to any number of impossible hazards we face on this cursed island. Unfortunately, as we are all busy people, I have sat down with almost none of you to accomplish this.

To that end I am working on two solutions - The first is to draft some premade templates for commonly asked for documents (wills, liability waivers, business contracts, licenses) so they can be more readily available when everyone is together at festival. This will hopefully reduce the bottleneck a great deal, but in the meantime I would like to address the immediate problem with the second solution: Preparing your requested documents between festivals.

So, if you have reached out to me about wanting a will but have not yet gotten that will (or if you have had a will drafted but would like a revised copy) please contact me through whatever means are easiest to you with the following information:

  • A list of your possessions, titles, and responsibilities that must be transferred,
  • Instructions for who gets what (this can include if/then statements, in the event that the original choice is unavailable/unable to accept),
  • Any burial arrangements you require upon death (religious rites, Do Not Sanctify [DNS] orders, etc.).

With all of this data in one central location it should be an easy matter to get everyone’s documentation ready to go, and you can all die with a bit more peace of mind. Basic Wills go for 3d, and if you want me to be the holder/executor it gets bumped up to 5d. Anything more complicated (couples/families, businesses, etc.) will be subject to negotiation. Feel free to reach out as well if you have any questions!

At Your Service,
Countess Isaac Everhart, Esq.

OOG Clarify

I am on BostonLARP Slack, Facebook, this forum, and my email address is steven.d.grab@gmail.com. Shoot me your details and I will get everything written up, we’ll just sign the documents at the next event I attend. A lot of folks already have some wills that I jotted down in a notebook but they are shitty and gross and I’d be willing to make a better version for free for those folks.

For those interested in Wills, there is one official rule that staff has given me to follow: You can not leave items in your will to your next character. No transferring all of your money and cool items to your Cousin David who you just so happen to be playing next game. Also, no leaving them to another player with the plan of quickly befriending your new character and gifting them over. This is not a puzzle for you to solve in some clever manner, it is an extension of the “don’t be a dick”/“don’t cheat at make believe” rule.

Otherwise, be as creative as you want. Send money to off screen family, leave your fellow players with a ton of responsibility!


I wish to publicly state now that I have no intention of ever respecting a Do Not Sanctify order.


This aged poorly I think