Ducats Per Annum?

Apologies if this is already listed somewhere else, but as this is a highly economic game, I can’t help but wonder…

How many ducats per year do various social classes bring in, on average? How many ducats per year could a wealthy noblewoman bring in versus a charwoman? Would a dowry of 50 ducats a year make a gentleman very eligible among the gentry or is that a laugh? Is this 10 ducat jacket to meet the Queen a dear expense or barely rates a mention?

I mean, I’m sure it varies by locale, but do we have an idea?

In Port Katherine, a Day Laborer earns 5 ducats a season and someone with Income earns 10. How does that compare to other areas of the Queendom?


To me 50 ducats is enough to make 1 basic engineering item, with the component and schematic costs. So I wouldn’t consider it a lot of money, I am an incomed, landowning, noble, with a lot of uses of engineering schematic though so my experience may be different from others.

I would say 5d is pocket money, 10d is a small expenditure, 25d a notable purchase, 50d a large purchase, and 100d a very wealthy one.

I’m not sure either of those answer the question though. I think the question is: for which social classes is 50d a reasonable expenditure? Should we expect to see basic engineered items in the hands of poor commoners often, or would that only be true of landed nobles with large allowances or workshop owners whose employees do good business? Is the fact that we mostly don’t need to pay for food and shelter (and land is free for the taking) giving even commoners in Port Katherine more purchasing power than comparatively more wealthy people in the rest of kithira? How weird is it here compared to back home?

I dunno, it’s fun to muse over.

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From the Rulebook:
“A ducat represents around one week’s worth of wages for an untrained worker, with skilled labor often earning many, many times that amount.”

I know this question is about the upper class but at least it’s a baseline.


I mean, I was kind of wondering about every social class honestly. Knowing that a ducat is the baseline amount for an untrained worker per week is useful as a place to start, but then the question becomes where do the rest of the Kithrien society fall.

What’s also interesting is that, with income, Amarallys makes 40 ducats a year, plus 40 pieces of arcanum, and however much per festival for loading guns and fixing armor. I haven’t had much luck selling the arcanum, which means, overall, Amarallys is making less per annum than an unskilled worker - though, as Stev mentions above, she isn’t paying for food or land.

Yes! Exactly!

it should be noted Kithira has a year that is composed of 8 months, each 45 days long; there are two months (Early and Late) and thus 90 days in a season, so if we had 9 day weeks that aligns the 1d per week, 10d per season income skill and makes each half season exactly 5 weeks long.


Excellent point and thank you for the reminder!

So I guess a different phrasing would be “what are the living expenses of an average Tojiman/Drevnian/etc. commoner/merchant/noble”?