Ducats for Quintessence

A note tacked to the bulletin board

Friends and neighbors,

I, James Corvid, am hoping to exchange some of my meager few ducats for a bit of quintessence.

In accordance with the economy of kitchen work, I am offering 5d per Quintessence shared.

I am 1 Quintessence short of my immediate needs, but will not turn down more than that, of course. I can guarantee payment in Dawning for up to 3 quintessence. Anything about and beyond that may necessitate a payment plan.

If you are interested, please reply here, or seek me out directly.

Priority to offers, should it become relevant, will be given in the order that I see said offers, not necessarily the order in which they were made (so contacting me directly will likely get you seen sooner than posting on this board).

James “The Raven” Corvid

OoC Clarify

I need 1 CP to do a thing before next cycle, but will not have a chance to get it from Cast Swaps, etc.

In addition, I will also just not say no to more CP, because more CP = better :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m offering 5d per CP donated to me, in lieu of paying it back at a later date.
This rate based off of kitchen help, where
1 hour = 5d or
1 hour = 1 CP
therefore, 5d = 1 CP

In the unlikely even I have offers exceeding 5 CP, please contact me and wait for confirmation before donating, so I can keep track of who’s donating how much, so poor Staff doesn’t have to keep track themselves.