Dry Docks Builders Needed (and Rewarded)

Dear fellow not-yet-corpses of Port Katherine,

I have been tasked to reach out to you all for help on behalf of the Outer Ring Trading Company in the building of the Dry Docks. I assume I have been given this task for my proven people skills rather than my lack of any and all ship-based or fighting skills.

For the last year, the Outer Ring crew have been working to acquire the materials to build the Dry Docks. I am told that these docks will allow us to build ships, perhaps explore nearby areas, aid merchants, and go on outlandishly dangerous swashbuckling adventures. This all sounds like an unnecessary and costly shortcut to death, but at least we will have a more ready escape from our inevitable demise at the hands of this fae-forsaken colony should we undoubtedly need one.

To get to the point, the Outer Ring Trading Co will be providing the following for the building of the Dry Docks:

  • 80 wood
  • 20 iron
  • 6 builders
  • Ongoing Maintenance cost and focus

What we need:

  • 4 builders

Although some may see this venture as a work for the general public, a public work if you will, I understand that labor does not come for free. As such, I am offering the following options of services as payment:

  • Free pre-funerary services (100% customer satisfaction rating in Port Katherine)
  • Free pet funeral (for that hedgehog you “released back into the wild.” We all know she’s dead, you may as well lay her to rest properly.)
  • 5-15* Remembrance Wallets (*number to be determined based on the size of your person and damage to body at the time of death)

Bonus Payment if you successfully recruit another Dry Docks builder (who is needed):

  • You will be given a ten minute warning before the pieing of Countess Montgomery Leñadora. He will never see it coming, but you will.

All interested builders, please inquire below. This project is intended to be completed in the Spring because who knows what will be left of Port Katherine by the Summer.

Death comes for us all,
Prudence Mulligan on behalf of Captain Heysel-Bright and the Outer Ring Trading Company


Consider my assistance bought and purchased. I will hold on to that pet funeral for when the right time comes. Hopefully lil’ eggy friend doesn’t meet their demise prematurely due to the nature of their existence, but the Tiyagan Emissary’s words at feast have me afraid for my poor child’s safety and well being.


The Teuthida Alizé anticipate being able to assist in this worthy venture to advance the economy of our fair colony. I will update you when we know who will assisting and have confirmed availability.


Rukiye Maryam Alizé min bayt Amira

I’ll help. Consider bringing me along if you go poking around any of the other northern islands?

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Good evening,

Scáthach Hirun Teuthida Alizé will be assisting the Outer Rim with the Dry Docks on behalf of the Alizé.


Rukiye Maryam Alizé min bayt Amira

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