Drinking Vinegar Flavor Requests

Good morning, friends!

I’m thinking of bringing some batches of drinking vinegar to the upcoming game, and was wondering if my fellow players (and Staff!) had any flavor requests.

Drinking vinegar is a sweetened (with sugar and/or honey) vinegar, typically mixed with herbs and/or berries and left to sit so the flavors can mix. I’ll have plain soda water to turn it from sipping to actual drinking status.

Anyway, if anyone wants to try some Zlotan-influenced Drevnian Tinctures from Bertrand, please let me know so I don’t just bring stuff I want to drink!

Currently considering a lot of different berries, since that’s what I like.
Some sort of Blueberry mix

Slack Suggestions:


I love the suggestion of “berries”.

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While all of these sound amazing, I’d additionally suggest honey and strawberries

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Ooo blackberry sounds amazing

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Blackberry sounds great. For an extra Zlotan feel, currant or gooseberry might work.

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