Donations, Summer 2022 (Take 1)

We’ll probably put up a second one of these once we’ve had some time to consider future plots. But, for now, we need to get this list out because we’re in desperate need of some basic staples.

We’re looking for some items to help make our summer event even more amazing! Thank you so much for helping!

Note: the list below includes many Amazon links. We’re not saying “you must use Amazon.” If you can find the exact same item (no substitutions, please) on a non-Amazon site, you should feel comfortable doing so.

Remember: please ship all items to Brian Misamore, 8 Mount Pleasant St, Woburn, MA 01801. Once you purchase, send receipts to so we can get you your donation CP. Also, please note this is a DIFFERENT ADDRESS.

Claim items with a reply to this message on the forums .

Additional note: if you’ve talked to staff about making/buying something in the last 2 years and would like CP for it, please let us know because we have probably forgotten.

  1. staff scissors: (CLAIMED)
  2. tiyagan money: 20x Renaissance Themed Gaming Coins - Medium 25mm (12-Pack) - The Broken Token (CLAIMED)
  3. iron: (CLAIMED)
  4. lead: (CLAIMED)
  5. gold: (CLAIMED)
  6. pulleys: (CLAIMED)
  7. gears: (CLAIMED)
  8. bullets: (CLAIMED)
  9. wheels: (CLAIMED)
  10. extra plot binder for desk: (CLAIMED)
  11. safety flashlights: 10x (CLAIMED)

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine

I’ll grab 4x of the flashlights (11)

I’ll grab 10x of #2 (Tiyagan money)

sorry, i misread/mistyped

ill grab the other 10x of #2

I’m happy to grab 5 sets of scissors (1) and some iron (3)!

I will cover 6 of the flashlights.

Buying #6, pulleys

Buying 4, 5, 7-10.