Donations and CP Opportunities: Spring 1 2023

Hello all,

I will be using this space to post donations when they come out, and list out other opportunities to earn CP related to the Spring 1 2023 game. “Normal stuff” (ie. Kitchen, set-up, clean-up) will be handled elsewhere, but if I have any special jobs or extra needs, I will post them here.

In general, I will process CP all at once after the event, but for special jobs I may process CP ahead of time as an incentive.

Special Jobs:

  • I am looking for a ride for 1 staff member in the early afternoon (read: get to site in the 2-4 range) from Somerville to site: 1 CP, and I will process on commitment.

Expected 14 April 2023


Ok, it’s donation time!

If you plan to donate anything on this list:

  • Post here that you plan to donate, so we don’t get duplicates and I can update the list.
  • Forward your receipt to so we can make sure to get you CP for your donation.
  • Make sure to change your Amazon delivery address before you buy something for yourself, so I don’t get your stuff!

Please mail donations to:
Brian Misamore
8 Mount Pleasant Street
Woburn, MA 01801

A. 1x Fishing Lures -claimed
B. 1x Earthworm Lures -claimed
C. 1x Hand Puppet- claimed
D. 1x Jenga Set - claimed
E. 1x Noncom Armbands- claimed
F. 1x Batteries- claimed
G. 1x Rainbow Magnets- claimed
H. 1x Silver Magnets- claimed
I. 1x Squishballs- claimed
J. 1x Slime eggs - claimed
K. 1x Jumbo Eggs- claimed
L. 1x Fireball traps- claimed
M. 6x Masks - claimed
N. 1x Cloak Pins - claimed
O. 1x Eels - claimed
P. 4x Red Ribbon- claimed
Q. 1x Lilies - claimed
R. 1x Violets- claimed

I am also looking for one person to collect these from Brian’s house the week of the event and drive them up to site

S. Donations Chauffeur

I will also take one person to get staff pizza and one person to stop by a big box store and get staff snacks (both on the day of the event). I will provide shopping list and you can either get the purchases reimbursed or donate them for CP.

T. Pizza
U. Staff Snacks


I’ll grab 3 of the 6 for M. Masks.

I get the slime and jumbo eggs.

I’ll get D, G, and the other 3 masks for M.
For other things, there’s a lot of options. Can someone clarify battery type / size of lures and worms?

I’ll grab L: fireball traps

The specific objects the links lead to are the correct ones (6in worms, 200ct earthworms, CR2032 batteries)

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I will get A,B,C, E, Q, and R

I’ll get N, O, and P.

I will get F, H, and I!

I can get snacks from the big box store! Can I get the list before the day of the event?

Yep, I’ll generate it today

Late-breaking donation:

1 box of toe warmers

It looks like Eli was jumping on this on Slack.

If you’re still looking for an extra box I can grab one. I did find this was a lower cost per toe warmer but it’s only 72 of them. Is this an acceptable alternative? Alternative toe warmers

Eli’s grabbing the not sticky kind. We would still like a box, and your alternative is fine :slight_smile:

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