Donation Opportunity: Carnival Tents

Hey everyone,

We’re about to order new tents for this year’s carnival, and our plan is to get about 6-8 popup-style tents for this purpose. It’s about $187/tent, so this is quite a big order for us, and we thought, “hey, why not invite people to help? Depending on how many donations we get, we might be able to buy 8 tents instead of 6.” Of course, that led to the inevitable second thought, “wow, $187 is too much to ask for a donation.”

After some thinking, here’s the best solution we have. Sign up below and tell us how many “slots” you’d like to donate. Each slot costs $20, and you should donate by using Paypal to send $20 to (we set it up like that way back when, and it’s a pain to change). Make sure to say you’re sending it to friends/family (we’re your friends, right?) because no one likes Paypal fees and because there’s no reason to pay for their insurance for the product you’re ordering because you aren’t ordering a product.

Anyway, once you do that, I’ll give you a full CP per $20 donated, which is a bit more than we normally do, because this is supposed to be a fun carnival-related thing.

Regardless of whether anyone donates anything at all, we’ll buy tents for the carnival and have a good time - never fear. This just lets us have some extra money on hand to buy other props and things.

For some extra fun, most of the tiers have stretch-goals attached.

1-10: DONE
11-20: DONE (the trivia contest at Revels will be group-based and have group-prizes)
21-30: DONE (candy at the carnival is free)
31-40: DONE (we will buy 8 tents instead of 6 and have a bigger carnival)
41-50: DONE (popcorn at the carnival is free)
51-60: DONE (carnival shows are free)
61-70: DONE (selection of apothecary goods at the carnival will be significantly better)
71-75: DONE (everyone who has donated will be able to pick a volunteer (at least me, Haley, Adrian, Mark, Eli, Melissa, Jamie W, and Joy) and have them do an ice-bucket challenge at Revels)

Let’s throw a great carnival!

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine


I’m just gonna plan to donate $200 so I guess that means I need 10 slots?

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10 slots for me and Stephanie (5 each) please.

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Put me in for 10. Yay free candy.

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I’m not a staffer, but I also volunteer for the ice bucket list if anyone wants to ice bucket Amity. Down with the law! Yay magic! cough


2 slots each for Mike and I.

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5 slots (2.5 for me; 2.5 for Jamie)

5 for me, please

5 for me, please

I’ll do an ice bucket challenge, sure. But I think we should call it the “Winter Changeling” challenge.


I’ll take 5.

Might as well put me down for 10.

1 for me, please.

As one of two twins is required to sign up for anything, I volunteer as Experiment Twin for icing.


For the purposes of tracking total donation availability, is this 5 available, or are there 80 total slots?

Good catch - fixed. There are 75 slots.

Sure, I will gamble that there are sufficient people who want to dump icewater on Lilywhite, I will add myself to the potential victim pool.

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And I mean, there’s currently 13 people who get to each pick a volunteer, so we should be able to pick a bunch of folks. (But also, as an EMT, for those of you who volunteer for this, please don’t accidentally give yourself hypothermia by dumping ice all over yourself at the winter revel.)

It’s August 11. I think we’ll be ok. :slight_smile:


I’ll get the last 10. Ice buckets for everyone!

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