Donation Opportunity: Bunting

Another carnival-related donation opportunity!

We’d also like to have some colorful bunting for our carnival, to make it feel more festive and not like a few rows of pop-up tents. Ideally, we’d like to have around six sets of bunting, each around 40’ in length.

Like this:

They don’t have to be quite as close together as that, but we definitely want the “scrap fabric I grabbed to do this” aesthetic they have here.

This is obviously one of those “donation of time, rather than money” opportunities, and we’d definitely need these done in time for our Fall event. Let me know below if you can make one (or more):


  1. Jamie Wetzel
  2. Melissa Frechette
  3. Jessica Hallock/Jessy McQuaw
  4. James Carroll
  5. Brooke Vail
  6. Serel Jadzia

As an added incentive, if you sign up, and if we hit 75 slots donated on the tents donation list, you can also choose one of the volunteers for an ice-bucket.

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine


I’ll take one, this will be way quicker than the other project I have for y’all.

I’ll take one. I’ll also take more than one if you run short of volunteers, but I want to give other people a chance to call dibs on some, first.

Jessica H and I will work together on one

I can make a cool one for you, sign me up!

I’ll take one! I love making fun stuff like this.

I’ll grab the last one. :slight_smile: