Donation List, Spring 2020

We’re looking for some items to help make our summer event even more amazing! Thank you so much for helping!

Note: the list below includes many, many craftable items. It also includes many Amazon links. We’re not saying “you must use Amazon.” If you can find the exact same item (no substitutions, please) on a non-Amazon site, you should feel comfortable doing so.

Remember: please ship all items to Brian Misamore, 283 Washington St #3, Cambridge, MA 02139. Once you purchase, send receipts to so we can get you your donation CP.

Claim items with a reply to this message on the forums .

Crafting (unless otherwise noted, we want as many as people are willing to make us)

  • Large-size fancy dresses
  • Sturdy (canvas-or-similar fabric or non-stretchy knit/crochet) bags with shoulder straps (should be appropriate for carrying packets)
  • Coin pouches (small, drawstring, and distinctive)
  • Cockades (blue, yellow, green)
  • (please make with washable materials)
  • Animal ear headbands (fox, mouse, cat, dog, rabbit, bug antennae, deer, etc)
  • Furry vests (bonus points if animal print)
  • Decorated fans
  • Bandages (long strips of cloth, with some method to prevent fraying)

Please discuss specifications for the following with staff before making them (i.e. send an email to

  • Chest armor physreps that aren’t plate
  • Tiyagan flag
  • Artificer physreps
  • “Port Katherine Policewoman” Badge x2


  1. X3 (CLAIMED)
  2. x1 (CLAIMED)
  3. x5 (CLAIMED)
  4. x3 (CLAIMED)
  5. x1 (CLAIMED)
  6. x2 (CLAIMED)
  7. - 10mm black, x5 (CLAIMED)
  8. x 2 (CLAIMED)
  9. x1 (CLAIMED)
  10. x2 (CLAIMED)
  11. x4 (CLAIMED)
  12. x6 (CLAIMED)
  13. 4 yards (CLAIMED)
  14. 2 yards (CLAIMED)
  15. x3 (CLAIMED)
  16. x 4 (CLAIMED)
  17. x2 (CLAIMED)
  18. x1 (CLAIMED)
  19. x 4 (CLAIMED)
  20. x1 (CLAIMED)

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine


I don’t know what is going on for Option 4, but I will buy all of them.

I call the walrus! (6)

I will craft (for now) 3 shoulder bags and 3 drawstring pouches (possibly more depending how fast they go)

I’ll take both of #8 (duct tape)

For 17, what size?

Probably XL, to be safe

I’ll get #3 boxes

Ordered: all of 12, 14, 16, 18, 19.

I will make at least 1 fancy dress in a large size and at least a few cockades of each color.

Erm, that should be 12, 14, 16, 18, 19, 20. I can’t read today.

I’ll get #10 plastidip

I can get both of 17, but they want a size specified (medium/large/x-large).

If nobody has artificer physreps yet, I have thoughts for some that wouldn’t be terribly difficult.

Answered above.

So it is. I’ll wait and see if Beth grabs those, then, and grab all three of #1.

I can make at least one fancy dress and 4 coin purses if they’re needed!
(I’m also up for picking up anything craft-wise that isn’t covered or needs extras!)

I can start working on the jabot pattern. I won’t claim more than one at the moment, until I see how it works out in time and materials.

I can make bandages, but about what dimensions do you want them?

i’ll also grab #11

I’m in for at least 1 packet bag, at least 1 Furry Vest, and maybe some coin pouches.