Donation List, May 2018

Email receipts to to receipt CP.

Ship items directly to me at:

Brian Misamore
283 Washington St #3
Cambridge, MA 02139


  1. 5 x 2-pack (CLAIMED)

2. Scarves x 1 (CLAIMED)
3. Belts x10 (pick these up from a thriftstore and let us know) (CLAIMED)
4. 6x stone mask (CLAIMED)
5. Uniforms x 10 (4 OF 10 CLAIMED)
6. 12x reptile mask (CLAIMED)
7. 12x, Wine-colored, various sizes (9 OF 12 CLAIMED)
8. Haversacks 5x (CLAIMED)
9. 12x (CLAIMED)

10. Gold x 4 (CLAIMED)
12. Hedgehogs x 10 (CLAIMED)

13. Corded Drill x 1 (CLAIMED)
14. Zip Ties x 1 (CLAIMED)
15. Duct Tape x 3 (CLAIMED)
16. Masking Tape x 1 (CLAIMED)
17. Spell Packets x 100 (CLAIMED)

Very low priority:
18. 2x horrible fish-man mask (CLAIMED)

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All 100 spell packets please. :slight_smile:

And also all 10 belts. I have a good thrift store. Let me know if you have any requests in that area.

Zach Brien has contacted me over IM and asked to claim #4, the Stone Masks.

I’ll grab the haversacks from Townsend’s (number 8)

Updated list to include shipping instructions and CP instructions.

Brian, in keeping with my previous donation, I feel it is my duty to start a trend. Put me down for both those horrible fish masks.

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I can take care of the corded Drill :slight_smile:

I’ll get the Masking Tape and Ducktape

I’ll get those cute hedgehogs

Spaige and I can get the bins. To make sure the link is leading me correctly, you want the 15-gallon, not the 27-gallon?

Yes, 15 gallon.

I’ll handle the zip ties.

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I’ll also take care of 2 of the costumes from number 5.

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I could do #9.

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I can do number 6.

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I’ll also take care of #3 the scarves.

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I will claim the Gold Bar Components, all 4

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If staff hasn’t already ordered stuff, I’ll take two of the candyapple costumes (#5)

We have not. They’re all yours.