Donation List March 2018

This month, we decided to fill this as full as we could. That means we don’t expect that everything on this list will be purchased (and that’s ok - we’ll buy whatever we’re missing at the end of the month so we have it for our first game!). But, we also wanted to give everyone the opportunity to get pre-first game CP for their characters, and the more things that get donated, the farther our pre-game budget will go and the more crazy amazing awesome things we can buy.

Some of these categories are really big. You are expected and encouraged to buy pieces of various numbers (3 of item #1, 12 of item #9, etc).

If you plan to donate anything on this list:

  • Post here that you plan to donate, so we don’t get duplicates and I can update the list.
  • Forward your receipt to so we can make sure to get you CP for your donation.

Please mail donations to:
Brian Misamore
283 Washington St #3
Cambridge, MA 02139

Animal Phys Reps:
1.Poison dart frog x5
2. Antlers (4-pack, buy 9) (CLAIMED)

3. 2x 6-pack large (1 OF 2 CLAIMED)
4. 2x Nests®-Natural-Wedding-Florals/dp/B00DIFJAJQ (CLAIMED)

5. 10x nerf darts (CLAIMED)

6. 5 x 2-pack (CLAIMED)

Trade Goods:
7. Coal: 17 x (5 OF 17 CLAIMED)
8. Flour: 2 x (CLAIMED)
9. Fish: 100 x (30 OF 100 CLAIMED)
10. Beef: 33 x

11. Black spats 5 x (check and make sure you’re buying black; they’re on the same listing as the brown) (CLAIMED)
12. Brown spats 5 x (check and make sure you’re buying brown; they’re on the same listing as the black) (CLAIMED)
13. Shoe buckles 10 x (CLAIMED)
14. Furry gloves 12x (CLAIMED)

Thanks for all your help in making this game the best it can be!

  • Brian

Hey there! I want to claim 3 of the Nerf Dart(s) under Weapon, and the 5 black spats under costuming.

Hello! I’d like to claim two of the brown spats, two sets of shoe buckles, two sets of furry gloves, and the two sets of burlap flour bags under trade goods, if that’s all right!

Ordered some stuff:

  • 1 pack of eggs
  • 2 nests
  • 3 packs of darts
  • 1 brown spats
  • 3 shoe buckle pairs
  • 8 furry glove pairs

Hey Brian, put me down for 30 Fish. Thanks!

The line “put me down for 30 fish” makes that physrep all worth it.


You have 4 packs of nerf darts left? I’ll claim them! I’ll order them as soon as you give me the go ahead :wink:

Go ahead.

Guess there was a limit on the amount you could buy, bought 3 of the 100 packs and found a 250 pack of the same dart also made by nerf for 27$. Should be all set with darts now.

I emailed the receipts in one message, might have to click the expand button at the bottom of the email to see both.

Ordered some coal, 5 packs.

Claiming the brown spats, antlers. And bins

Ok, claiming the other five shoe buckles, because then there will be shoe buckles in my order history if I decide I want some. :slightly_smiling_face:

Post is locked and items have been ordered.