Donation List February 2018

If you plan to donate anything on this list:

  1. Post here that you plan to donate, so we don’t get duplicates and I can update the list.
  2. Forward your receipt to so we can make sure to get you CP for your donation.

Please mail donations to:
Brian Misamore
283 Washington St #3
Cambridge, MA 02139

Insect Phys Reps:

  1. Bumblebee x36-40…/17146/good-luck-minis.aspx… (CLAIMED)
  2. Spiders (12-pack, buy 3) (CLAIMED)
  3. Centipedes (5-pack, buy 7-8) (CLAIMED)
  4. Maggot (48-pack, buy 1) (CLAIMED)
  5. Beetles (12-pack, buy 3) (CLAIMED)
  6. Grasshopper (10-pack, buy 3-4) (CLAIMED)
  7. Slugs (12-pack, buy 3) (CLAIMED)
  8. Butterflies (12-pack, buy 2) (CLAIMED)
  9. Dragonflies (buy 4 of any 1 color) (CLAIMED)

Animal Phys Reps:
10. Poison dart frog x36-40
11. Lizard (12-pack, buy 3) (CLAIMED)
12. Snake (12-pack, buy 3) (CLAIMED)
13. Antlers (4-pack, buy 9)
14. Mouse/rat (3-pack, buy 12) (CLAIMED)
15. Turtles (8-pack, buy 4) (CLAIMED)
16. Salamander (48-pack, buy 1) (CLAIMED)

17. 2x 12-pack small (CLAIMED)
18. 4x 6-pack large (2 OF 4 CLAIMED)

19. 1x (CLAIMED)

20. 5x…/…/B01EZ406U0 (CLAIMED)
21. 5x (CLAIMED)
23. 5x (CLAIMED)

24. 4 x 2-pack (1 OF 4 CLAIMED)

Trade Goods:
25. Coal: 7 x
26. Flour: 1 x
27. Fish: 40 x
28. Beef: 12 x

Hello! I’d to claim Animal Phys Rep 11 (3), Animal Phys Rep 12 (3) and Animal Phys Rep 17 (2)!

I’d like to contribute, but it appears several of those links are broken? I’m on a phone right now so I’m not discounting that causing the problem, but I’m also not sure how old the links are.

Looks like 5 of them are dead. We’re working on updating them now.

All fixed!

Okay, I’d like to claim Insect Physical Rep #8 (Butterflies)x2, Animal Physical Rep #16 (Salamanders) x1, and 2 of the Buzzbee Pirate Flintlock Foam Blasters.

Should we have the shipments sent directly to you if possible, Brian?

Yes, please, just mail them to me at the above address, then forward the receipt to

I’d like to claim Costuming #19 please!

Sure, Grasshoppers (#6), Mice/rat (#14) and Turtles (#15), I can do those.
The link to grasshoppers seems to say it’s a six pack, not a ten-pack, should I get 6 sets instead of 3-4?

Yeah, 6 sets would be good. Thanks!

Claiming Eggs #18x2, please!

On second thought, I’ll get three of the Buzzbee pistols instead of two, and round out that category.

Topic closed and moved to the March Donation List.