Donation List: Fall 2022

This month, we decided to fill this as full as we could. That means we don’t expect that everything on this list will be purchased (and that’s ok - we’ll buy whatever we’re missing at the end of the month so we have it for our first game!). But, we also wanted to give everyone the opportunity to get pre-first game CP for their characters, and the more things that get donated, the farther our pre-game budget will go and the more crazy amazing awesome things we can buy.

If you plan to donate anything on this list:

  • Post here that you plan to donate, so we don’t get duplicates and I can update the list.
  • Forward your receipt to so we can make sure to get you CP for your donation.
  • Make sure to change your Amazon delivery address before you buy something for yourself, so I don’t get your stuff!

Please mail donations to:
Brian Misamore
8 Mount Pleasant Street
Woburn, MA 01801

  1. Carnival Tickets (CLAIMED)
  2. Spell Packets (many)
  3. Meat Suit (CLAIMED)
  4. Blue Plastidip (CLAIMED)
  5. Gold Needle (CLAIMED)
  6. Copper Scissors (CLAIMED)
  7. Isopropyl Alcohol (CLAIMED)
  8. 10x12 black tarps x 3 (CLAIMED)
  9. Silver Thread (CLAIMED)
  10. The Good Tape (CLAIMED)
  11. Fancy black coat, size XL (CLAIMED)
  12. batteries for flameless candles (CLAIMED)
  13. Fancy Wig 1 (CLAIMED)
  14. Tea set (CLAIMED)
  15. pantyhose x 4
  16. power strip x 2 (CLAIMED)
  17. mini bungees 20-pack x 2 (CLAIMED)
  18. Misc Rings
  19. Hanging Organizer
  20. disposable black masks (CLAIMED)
  21. Blue Bunting (CLAIMED)
  22. Fancy red coat, XL (CLAIMED)
  23. glow water beads (CLAIMED)
  24. Generic dresses, mixed colors of your choice x 6 (CLAIMED)
  25. Yellow Plastidip
  26. string lights for carnival x 3 (CLAIMED)
  27. Favor Bags (CLAIMED)
  28. Beige duct tape
  29. ring lights (color change, vlog style) x 2
  30. battery operated lanterns x 3 (CLAIMED)
  31. Meat x 10 3-packs
  32. fancy scarecrow masks (SOLD OUT - NEEDS NEW LINK)
  33. Popcorn Bags
  34. popping corn 30oz x 2
  35. Mylar Sheeting x 2 (CLAIMED)
  36. Rhinohide dodgeballs x 3
  37. Red sashes x 2
  38. Hand soap in pump bottles x 6 (CLAIMED)
  39. Red Bunting
  40. Film Canisters x 10 (5 OF 10 CLAIMED)
  41. Large cases of water, doesn’t have to be walmart x6
  42. clear balloons
  43. 12x16 black tarps x 2 (CL:AIMED)
  44. ceiling hooks x 2
  45. Fancy wig 2 (CLAIMED)
  46. 12x20 black tarp (CLAIMED)
  47. Fox Onesie (CLAIMED)
  48. Iron x 10 (CLAIMED)
  49. Disposable Wine Glasses x 2
  50. remote control LED candles (CLAIMED)
  51. white stage lights x 3 (CLAIMED)
  52. Wet Wipes x 2
  53. Glow face paint
  54. Wolf Ring (CLAIMED)
  55. Satin gloves Red
  56. Skin Suit (CLAIMED)
  57. Red Plastidip
  58. Kaleidoscopic Glasses x 5
  59. scissors x 2
  60. Red dog tunnel (CLAIMED)
  61. Safety pins, variety (CLAIMED)
  62. Blue sashes x 2 (CLAIMED)

We also need snacks and food!
63. mixed halloween candy- not chocolate, 3 bags (small) or 1 large bag, whatevers cheaper
64. mixed halloween candy - is chocolate, 3 bags (small) or 1 large bag, whatevers cheaper
65. Individual chip packs, 4 cases
66. Gatorade/Powerade cases, mixed colors, 6 cases (3 of 6 CLAIMED)

We need bins to put this stuff in:
67. bins x 5 (CLAIMED)

Finally, I need 2 volunteers to pick this stuff up at my house and take it away from here.
68. Dan Rust
69. Jason Bestwick

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine

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I’ll take all of 24

I’ll get #47, because the fox onesie needs to happen :heart_eyes_cat:

I’ll take all three of #51

I can do #3 and all of #8

I’ll take 68 just let me know when and where to pick it up. I have a mini van so I can take a lot

I’ll take 3 of 66 and I’ll also make some spell packets.

Edit: @Misamore - I get my sports drink at BJs where it’s 24 bottles (20oz each). Is this the amount you want?

I’ll get all three of #26!

Also, #67 doesn’t actually seem to be a link? it looks like one but can’t be clicked/shows no preview URL. Never mind, this seems to have sorted itself out.

I’ll get #11 and #22.

I’ll grab #54 and 5 of #40.

ill get #14, #20,#50 , and both of #16

Yeah, the food requests are approximate.

I’ll take all of 38 & 61
(are there any allergies I should watch out for with the soap?)

Just find the balance between cost and allergens. Those will be for mass use.

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To be on brand, I will provide the 2x10 iron

Edit, I misread, I will get all 3x10

Click it again, and you can misread and get 4x10. :slight_smile:

But I only want 10.

Reminder: If you see something like this:

Screenshot 2022-08-31 201211

This has been automatically added by the forum software to show how many times someone has clicked that link. PLEASE do not think that it is part of the numbers we are requesting. I cannot remove it. I cannot control it. It’s the forums. I don’t even know why someone would want this information.

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Fair enough! Also getting the blue sashes.

Would you guys be interested in a spare tea set? It’s something I don’t use but might be useful for the socialites in case for whatever reason you don’t have access to my personal supplies. I’d estimate it to be around $50 and if you’re not interested, I’d be willing to sell to anyone here, price flexible.

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I’ll do both of 17, 12 and 9

I’d recommend a separate forum post for this. I don’t know if someone on staff would be interested, but typically I’m the only one who reads deep into these comments.