Donation List, April 2019

We’re looking for some items to help make our spring/summer seasons even more amazing! Thank you so much for helping!

Remember: please ship all items to Brian Misamore, 283 Washington St #3, Cambridge, MA 02139. Once you purchase, send receipts to so we can get you your donation CP.

Claim items with a reply to this message on the forums .

  1. 8x (brown) (CLAIMED)
  2. 3x (slate) (2 of 3 CLAIMED)
  3. 12x (olive)
  4. (1 pack, 50 count, white) (CLAIMED)
  5. 2x (CLAIMED)
  6. 12 x (6x large, 6x XXL) (2 of 6 Large CLAIMED)
  7. 8 x
  8. (CLAIMED)
  9. 5 x (CLAIMED)
  10. (CLAIMED)
  12. (CLAIMED)
  13. (CLAIMED)
  14. 6 x (32" round)
  15. 6 x (32" round, your choice of color)


  • Paint 10 plastic teacups (ideally, to look somewhat like classic chintz patterning). (x5, for 50 total) (CLAIMED)
  • 2 dozen corn husk dolls (2-4 inches tall) (CLAIMED)

I’ll claim the corn husk dolls!

I can do number 4

I’ll grab one of #5 and #10

I’ll do two batches of the teacups! (20 total)

I’ll grab one batch of teacups. If no one else claims some I might grab a second but that depends on how much time I have available before Spring.

I’ll get the other #5 and two XL of #2 since there are only 2 left in stock.

Ashleigh Howland would also like to claim a set of teacups, but does not currently have internet access.

#8 please and thank you.

Edit: and #12

Mike is grabbing all of 9.

I will take the last batch of teacups.

Re: teacups, is there any specifics we should know? (Buy a particular brand of teacup, safety, etc etc.)

I can do all of #1.

I can do 2 of # (both large)

The teacups are item number 4, so you can pick them up from me when I get them.

2 of which?

You mean “#” wasn’t sufficient?

Two Large #6’s (the hooded costumes)

#11 is cushion covers only…is this expected?

I’ll get 13

Nope, that’s a misread on my part. We’ll grab a different listing and update the post shortly. Thanks for catching that!