Do NPCs want in on letters for Spring?

There’s a lovely upwell of PCs talking about sending letters during this Spring season to make up for the lack of game. Now, my usual season letter-writing would include a couple written to NPCs offscreen - would staff rather those wait until Summer?

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As a general rule, staff treats letters received during game basically like a BGS, and responds to them around the same timeframe as other BGS. For staff sanity and player fairness, we will not be advancing plots via letters sent between now and the Summer event (and will be treating the most recent round of mail - i.e. the stuff we picked up on sunday of the Winter event + at new years - as the mail we’re answering for Summer, in the same way that other BGS is just kind of getting smooshed fowards)

That being said, if specific NPCs want to opt in to receiving and maybe answering just-for-fun letters, they can feel free to do so here :slight_smile:

(I realize the line between “plot” and “just for fun” here is kind of hazy - use your best judgment, I trust y’all.)

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