Divined Ritual & Preparations

Hello citizens of Port Katherine,

To those of you whom I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting, I look forward to making your acquaintance. My name is Prof. Scarlett Edith Kelley, and I am a practitioner of Arcane Science.

Here, I will endeavour to describe in full the ritual that we were able to divine some evenings past, so that we may make further preparations for performing the ritual with intent come the autumnal equinox.

Divined Ritual for Autumn

Roles: 1 Orchestrator, 4 bearers of the Elements, Several Instrumentalists, As many Participants as would like, at least 1 Protector.

Materials: Chalk, string (to tie to the chalk and make the circle perfect), 4 chalices, 1 candle, 1 bottle, incense or dried herbs (recommend white sage), freshly tilled soil, water, Arcanum, a large crystal, a dagger.

First, the circle will be drawn. Participants will stand within the circle, Protectors without. (The Bearers of the Elements and Instrumentalists are considered Participants for this matter.) Next, a crystal globe shall be placed at the center of the circle, and arcanum laid around it in a circle, offered by Participants, who will then return to their places around the edges of the circle.

The Instrumentalists shall begin to play, keeping a beat and playing other tones as they are so moved. Participants may then, if so moved, imbibe substances such as hallucinogens or alcoholic beverages.

The Orchestrator shall bear the dagger, and will walk the edges of the circle, burning herbs (incense) to seal the circle. The Orchestrator will then return to the center of the circle. Then, at opposing sections of the circle, the Bearers of the Elements shall offer up the elements, and place the offerings in chalices:

  • A bottle filled with smoke of freshly burned herbs for Air
  • A lit candle for Fire
  • A cup of water for Water
  • A bit of freshly turned dirt for Ground

Next, the Orchestrator will take the dagger to each of the chalices, and anoint it with each element in turn, then return to the center and lay the dagger by the crystal globe.

Then, the Orchestrator will select a Participant at random, and ask them:
“What do you need to see past?” That Participant shall answer to the best of their ability, then turn to their left, and ask the next Participant the same question. This repeats until everyone has asked and answered, finishing with the Orchestrator.

At this point, something shall take place. We do not yet know what, but that discovery will be our joy to find out.

Thank you all very kindly for your assistance, and I hope that we have many, many participants! The Arcane Sciences are far stronger when practiced collectively and shared among others.


P.S. I have drawn a rough diagram of the Ritual circle.

P.P.S. I already have a large crystal globe, I just need to send for it!


I would like to be the Orchestrator for this. Thank you for understanding. - Z.E.D

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So noted! So shall it be.

I am already in possession of an instrument focus that could be used for this. I would be happy to share with you its properties and see if it may be of help.


I’m curious…will you be making use of the grove and by extension the gate once again?

I’ll admit that my initial reaction to your “correspondences” and my disdain for your ideas may have been misplaced.

This proposal is fascinating, and far more akin to rituals I have taken place in back home in my village.

If you can see past my previous arrogance, if you’ll have me, I would be honored to be a Bearer of the Elements for Water. I seem to have an affinity for this element, and if I may be so bold to say, it for me.

I am also in possession of a fair sized crystal…of unusual origins…which I would be willing to lend you for this ritual, presented here before you for your review.

~ Julien Emile de Bellefleur

(OOC I may have misread? Are you in need of a crystal AND a crystal ball? If not, I’ll retract my offer of crystal.)


Of course you are welcome! Frankly, I am used to being ridiculed and learned long ago not to take it too personally. It’s only natural for people to be skeptical. I’m just pleased that you are interested in joining.

I don’t think it’s coincidence that you have this object and I think we should incorporate it!

I would like to use the Grove, but chalk circles are better suited to indoor spaces. Perhaps we can find the best of both worlds in terms of magical resonance and physical necessity. I’m open to suggestions.

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I’m so glad you are willing to help us all learn something new! This is most exciting! -Zeeke Estrella Daví aka Z.E.D

I am fascinated by this ritual!

A year ago I would have, ignorantly, sneered and derided this as fanciful, but in the last few seasons I have seen incredible things, and if you’d have me, I would gladly offer my sword as a Protector.


I am always interested in new experiences and new fields of knowledge, no matter how experimental. I would love to participate, if you’ll have me.
-Countess Isaac Everhart, Esq.

I have to admit, I too am quite curious! I want to come participate and see.

When we answer the question, "What do you need to see past?” Is this asking us what we need to see that has past, or what is it we need to see beyond?

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I will volunteer as the bearer of air for this ritual.

Yes, gladly and with thanks!

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By all means, Countess.

Which has more meaning to you, is the real question. Intention is the better part of magic. When it is meaningful, it has power.

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Perfect! Thank you, Pleasant.

Might I ask what the intent of this ritual is? Besides the unknown, do we know anything that might happen? Forgive me, for matters of the arcane are not my forte.


We know that whatever it is, it will be the result of our collective intention. My belief is that we will come into possession of knowledge that will serve us each in our own personal quests, at the very least, and perhaps open doors into greater collective learnings.

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I volunteer to be a protector.

~Hezra Boone


I am happy to be the bearer of water for this ritual. Assuming we can imbibe substances of our choosing while doing one of those tasks. - Prosperity

I will gladly bear fire for this ritual, or simply participate if another has reason to offer fire instead.

Connor Herrick

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