Different kinds of surgery complications

I’m about to become a true surgeon but i feel under-prepared - i’m confident i understand surgical risks in “ordinary” cases but our fine town is… not known for being ordinary.

To that end i’m wondering if anybody knows about what kinds of complications can arise in surgery on patients affected by aether touch (or by arcanum, for that matter, since apparently that’s something we have to consider around here)?


I have heard rumors of unfortunate results from exposure to the arcane. It definitely seems to be a concern, though I know not the specifics. I have not come across any unusual complications personally as of yet. We have had some unusual surgeries, certainly, but even those resulted in a clean bill of health, or a predictable, standard complication, not anything particularly odd.

It seems to me like something one could easily learn about from the medical literature, since neither aether nor arcanum are unique to the colony.
I thought i should check if anyone else had looked into it before i sunk however many hours into book-searching

I can give you some amount of information about surgeries on those afflicted by the arcane.

I would be most greatful

Let me gather my notes. I’m afraid I have rather a lot.