Custom gun physrep concept discussion

Hey all,

I tried raising this question in the FB group and got no response, so trying it here.

I am going to try designing and 3d printing a custom physrep that would be effectively a buzzbee flintlock mashed up with the reliability of the nerf hammer action plasters, scaled up somewhat to a more lifelike scale.

I have two ideas for the actual firing mechanism.

One where the hammer is what draws back the plunger, and thus pulling the trigger always means the dart fires.

The other option is more in line with historical function, where the plunger would be pushed back with a push rod until it catches, then the dart would be loaded. The hammer would be independent from the plunger, thus priming it would be easier, and with a trigger pul the hammer would strike the catch, and the catch would bounce, releasing the plunger and firing the dart.

I like the first one for simplicity and reliability, but I also like the second one due to realism and because we will need to take time for reload anyway, might as well make the act of it practical.

What do ya’ll think?

This guy put out some plans for a flintlock style blaster that you prime with a ramrod. You can watch his full assembly video on youtube to get an idea of how he did his, and if the gun suits your fancy he sells the plans for just $15.

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