Critical NPCs

I was wondering if anyone had a contact for the Port Authority or Harbor Master in Yokaichi, and it occurred to me that it would help to have a directory of useful NPCs. Who have we met that’s important?

Also, If you have a name for the Yokaichi harbor master, I’d love to know it.

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Sort of on this topic, did any player take it upon themselves to begin a census of characters in PK (both players and NPCs)

I would guess that the town will be using the ships’ passenger/crew logs to construct a voting list for Summer, so that whoever is running the elections (the Captain? the interim town council?) can ensure that people are not voting twice. In game, I’m hoping that this register will be publicly available as part of electoral transparency. Out of game, I don’t know whether the GMs/the Captain will provide this (saying that the town can construct it from the ships’ logs) or whether they want this to be something that players construct (e.g. the logs were lost/damaged?)