CP staffing rewards for RFR games

Dear RFR community,

At our summer board meeting last night, we decided to increase the cast swap rate for staffing other RFR games. Up until now, crunching/staffing another RFR game awarded 2 CP (or 1 CP for half an event), the same as other cast swaps. We decided to increase this rate to 3 CP per event (2 CP for half an event). So, if you show up to crunch Port Katherine this weekend, you get 3 CP, or 2 CP if you crunch for half. Same thing if you crunch Witchwood next weekend: 3 CP for the whole event, 2 CP for half of the event. The CP reward can be awarded towards your Witchwood character or your Port Katherine character, you decide which when you sign in to cast.

In addition, from this point forward, people who start playing either RFR game, Witchwood or Port Katherine, can apply the previous year of cast swap CP (at the rate they would have received at the time) towards their character, provided that the cast swap CP was not claimed for any other use. So, if you’ve staffed Port Katherine for the last year for and start playing Witchwood now, and you haven’t claimed any cast swap CP for Port Katherine towards any other game, you can receive 8 CP for for Witchwood (or 4 CP if you’ve been staffing part-time).

We look forward to seeing you at Port Katherine this weekend, and at Witchwood the following weekend!

Joy Perkinson

President, Red Feather Roleplaying