CP Season Rollover - Delayed

We know that many of you are feeling uncertain about your CP spending, with a lot of variables in our fall season still hanging in the air. We feel that and totally understand.

We’re going to delay the CP season cap rollover.

To when? We don’t know. Not now. We’ll announce with plenty of time, but our goal would be for you to have enough time for us to a) announce the dates, b) get everyone registered, and c) give you at least a week or two to put in lesson bgs if you need an unlock to spend CP.

This may not go as planned. We may get dates with like three weeks before our Fall event. That would be unfortunate, but if that happens, this whole neat little plan will go up in smoke. But right now, we can delay the rollover to try and hope that it does work.

Watch this space for more details, and know that you can’t go wrong spending your CP now.

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine