CP Rollover, Summer 2019

The season rollover day for summer, 2019 will be August 1. It’s a manual process, and we have to push a button, so it will be sometime that day, probably in the morning, but not at an exact time.

Make sure to spend any CP you’d like to spend for our Spring/Summer season before the rollover day - remember you’ve got a cap of 20 CP per season!

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine


Will Clean up CP from the Summer event be able to be rewarded before that?


Kind of a niche question, but I’ve checked out Talent and Genius this season, and would really like to spend the CP required for its use before the rollover. (Assuming, of course, that this CP expenditure counts toward the season cap). How should I go about doing that?

If I lock in a lesson now, is there a chance it will be processed before the rollover? If not, totally fine, just looking to plan out my spending.


20 per character, yeah? If it’s 20 per player… I’m over

  • Talent and Genius: send an email to staff@portkatherine.com to tell us, and we’ll burn the CP on your behalf

  • Lesson locking: I’ll try to go through advanced header unlocks tomorrow as well.

  • 20 Per Character, yes, not per player. :slight_smile: Nice catch.



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