Covid Mask Policy: Spring, 2023

As per this post (Covid Mask Policy, 2023), I have checked the CDC Transmission map for Massachusetts, and the below is the Covid policy for the upcoming Spring event.

  • Outside: Masks are optional
  • Inside: Masks are optional
  • Eating and Drinking Inside: We will be using the tavern for eating this event and will be setting up inside. We will set up a table or two outside for people who would prefer to remove their masks for food outside, and we’ll put some pop-up tents over those tables for rain. Unfortunately, it’s going to be likely be cold and rainy this weekend, so our options are limited.

So, this is our first game with masks optional across the entire site. I know that will (appropriately) provide some anxiety to many people, so I wanted to say a few extra things.

  • Consider testing before the event. Regular testing is so much more reliable than population levels.
  • Just because Covid is light in Massachusetts this particular event doesn’t mean it will forever. We will continue to review and change the mask policy in light of current conditions.
  • Because this is the first time, I took a look at the places people will be traveling to game from outside Massachusetts, and those locations also look light or moderate.
  • If you are feeling sniffly or sick IN ANY WAY, mask up when you’re inside. It’s going to be a cold and rainy event (likely), so you may be of a mind to say, “oh, it’s just the weather.” Don’t do this. If you have sniffles, put a mask on your face.
  • I would encourage anyone and everyone to wear masks indoors for safety and comfort of your fellow players, regardless, but I’m only going to require it of people with sniffles. Just take care of each other.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to bring this to me. We knew this day would come, and I know that many people feel concerns about it. Let’s work together to make this transition to (hopefully) a new future in a way that everyone can feel comfortable. I am very hopeful that this might be the end of this, but I’m too much of a cynic to believe this is anything other than a one-off right now. Fingers are very tightly crossed.



As a small additional note, the kitchem will have disposable masks and gloves we would like to require everyone preparing food or handling clean dishes to wear while in the kitchen. Please send me a message if there are any concerns.