Countess Isaac Everhart for Town Council

Fellow Citizens of Port Katherine,

I apologize for my long winded announcement, but there has been much on my mind that I wish to share.

For some time I have struggled with my place in Kithiran politics. None of the three major parties seemed to encapsulate fully my hopes and my dreams for a better future for this Queendom. I became a Unifier, like my Mother before me, and her parents before her, and so on. In those days my only vision of the future was one where the Everhart arcanum mining dynasty was restored to its fullest height, and nothing could steer me from that path. Nothing, that is, until I first made landfall in Port Katherine.

This strange land, and the strange town we have built on it, have given me a new dream. One full of hope for the future, and a desire to see what comes next. I changed course, gave up on the mining dynasty, and pursued a legal career in the hopes of helping cultivate this great settlement of ours. Together we have overcome trials and challenges the likes of which I could not have imagined back in the halls of Drevnia. We have all been changed, in some ways for the better, in others for worse, and I find it very unlikely that this change will stop. We can either resist this change, or adapt to it.

It is with this hope in my heart, and with inspiration from our brave MP Vaast Verenberg that I announce my own change:

I am officially changing parties from the Unifiers to the Reformers, and running for Town Council on the Reformer ticket.

While I still find each party insufficient to fully encapsulate what I believe is the best course of action for Port Katherine, and the Queendom as a whole, I believe that the Reformers are a closer fit. Make no mistake, my allegiance to Port Katherine and her people are not shaken, but if anything, strengthened in this resolve. I hope to bring representation for the Reformer party to the Town Council (the only major party that has been absent in our first year) and to help reach across the aisle, so to speak, so make sure all voices in town are heard.

I have held you all hostage here with my droning on for long enough! As always, feel free to contact me through whatever channels suit you best if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Your humble servant,

Countess Isaac L. Everhart, Esq.