Costume & Craft Nights in the Off Season

I know I’m not the only one planning to do a costume upgrade between now and Spring event (or, in my case, much of it before Winter Feast!). Let’s coordinate days for working on costumes to give each other extra motivation and assistance!

I’m going to organize at least one myself, and my hope is this thread will help others jumpstart their own organization for additional events.

Please reply with:
Location/locations you can get to
Can host?
General availability
What sort of items you’re planning to make
Timeline (Winter Feast/Spring/ASAP/whenever)


I’ll start :smile:

Location: Somerville, near Davis
Locations I can get to: Anything on the MBTA or within a ~20min Lyft
Can host? Yup!
General availability: Most weekends, most Monday evenings.
What sort of items you’re planning to make:
Stays, gown, jacket, various artificer phys reps
Winter Feast for stays & gown
Spring for jacket & artificer phys reps

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I have a car so if i can park i can get there. I also for the moment have a studio space in Littleton, MA.

A small group, yes. My studio space isn’t very big.

Current open availability except wednesday afternoons and certain saturday mornings

I want to make undergarments (chemise, stays, panniers, bum roll); a lighter gown, breeches, holsters. I will probably also be making costuming for the fiance.

Before Spring. I do need to finish up some pieces I did not get to before Winter.

I would suggest a stays weekend/long day as there are several steps to making a well fitted undergarment such as that (corsetry is a passion of mine) and it helps to have other people to help you fit your mock ups.

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That sounds like an excellent idea!
I’ve never made my own boned anything, stays or corset or otherwise. I feel like I have enough experience making things in general that I can manage it, but a weekend “retreat” of sorts to work on it with other people would be lovely.

That’s not really something I could host though. Maybe one of the Western Mass craft-inclined folks would… @thethornedrose? @campusbrownie?

Hmmmm I have an unreasonably large house in Arlington with parking for 3 cars other than my own (could obtain more parking if needed). 2 guest rooms and it’s close to Bos-Camber-ville and you know meals would be great :wink:

Location : Arlington, 10 minutes walk from Arlington Center
Locations I can get to : Have car, will drive, can drive additional humans
Can host? Yes! Large house with dedicated craft room, 2 guest rooms, own 2 sewing machines
General availability : …I am a busy lady but can plan ahead
What sort of items you’re planning to make :
Stays, Brunswick jacket, jumps/stays/waistcoat/thing for too warm weather ;_; , tavern decorations like a nice carved wooden sign, finish costuming for Ichabod and Ermintrude (NPC tavern help in the Season’s Edge apron and black). Maaaaybe a shift although I’m not sure how I feel about going that period-serious.
Timeline :
Winter Feast for stays, Brunswick
Spring for everything else



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Certainly!! We should start discussing which weekend(s) we want to plan for so I know.

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New things are subject to pop up and be scheduled in over these dates until I’ve got costuming on one of then, but I’m currently free:
Nov 17-18, 24-25
Dec 1-2, 8-9, 29-30
Jan 5-6

Last I heard we’re not sure of exact date for Winter Feast but I imagine those dates are as far as we might get before it’s last minute rush.

Ok, the dates that are likely to work for me are:
Dec 1-2, 8-9
Jan 5-6

I’m currently thinking Dec 8-9 with the option for round 2 on Jan 5-6. I’ll try to pin down dates more solidly in the next week or 2. Do we think this would work best starting Saturday morning and going through Sunday afternoon or some other timing? Who all would be interested in attending (either staying the night or showing up just for the day(s))?

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I would be very interested, and probably would prefer to stay the night if that is alright. I love craft-marathoning.

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We have 2 guest rooms with double beds and an air mattress we can set up in either one of those rooms, or a separate room. There is also a couch in the living room, and we have a bazillion sleeping bags in case half of game wants to show up.

My apologies, I wasn’t keeping up on the forums.

I would be very happy if the niche hasn’t been filled to host a stays weekend. We have plenty of space in our side of the duplex and additional sleeping spaces in the house next door.

In general:
Location/locations you can get to: I can get most anyplace, though I find parking in strange places stressful and generally prefer to park in a vaguely easy fashion.
Can host? Can and will host!
General availability Most weekends and Mondays
What sort of items you’re planning to make: I’m working on some dresses and a frock coat and a plethora of smaller things. I’m very happy to assist others.
Timeline (Winter Feast/Spring/ASAP/whenever): Whenever! Though I want a dress done for winter feast ideally.

I’ll likely have a craft day at my house in the Dec-Feb range and then again in the March-May range.

I will be hosting a day where at least Bert and Jordan will be coming to my house to make vests. I can add another 1-2 people who want someone to hold their hand on basic garment making.

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If I can make it, that would be a ton of fun! I would likely want to stay over. I can bring my own cot if needed.

@thethornedrose Would you be able to do a Stays weekend some time in November? I’m concerned waiting to start those until Dec would leave me a paranoid wreck.

I would still attend an additional on in Dec/Jan to work on other items, @Mildred

Potentially? I think the only November weekend I have free at this point is the weekend of Thanksgiving, but I’m also not going far for that holiday this year? Are there a few people who want to work on stays 11/24-25? Or really whatever combo works best of Fri-Sun.

Caveat is that I personally have never made stays. But I’m very happy to muddle through with others.

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I cannot do anything on the weekend of Thanksgiving; my mom is coming up to visit.

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I’m always free Thanksgiving weekend and never have anything to do so I would love to.

I go to see my Aunt the Thursday and come back the Friday afternoon.

Ok, I’d like to confirm a craft weekend at my place in Arlington for Dec 8-9. I’d mildly prefer to start at 3pm so I can make it to my Saturday kung fu class, but if people are interested in starting earlier I’m happy to skip for a week so folks could show up as early as 10am Saturday morning. I’d like to be wrapped up with an empty house around 4 or 5 Sunday afternoon so I can get prepped for the work week. If you’re interested in attending, please email the following info to me at by November 24th:

  • Time you’d like to show up on Saturday
  • Do you want to stay overnight? (First come first served, with preference on the double beds to people willing to share with another)
  • Food restrictions: I’ll have to see how much cooking I can do based on number of humans and people’s preferences, so we may order out/I’ll ask people to bring at least some of their own food.

Once I have that info, I’ll email back out to people who replied with finalized plans and details. Wooo finally getting those stays done!!


I want to gooooo! I’ll bring a sewing machine and cutting mat. If i can figure out how to fix up my old machine I’ll bring 2 :wink:

Sounds like the Ballroom lesson is likely to be the 9th so if I can get there and then back to the ballroom thing, this all sounds like an excellent weekend.

I’d need a ride though… @Hey_A_Tay, Camberville caravan?