Cooking Rules Clarification/Update

To start physrepping cooked meals, staff wanted to roll out the following recipe cards:

  1. Meals can be cooked anytime during the event. The cook fills out the recipe card with the name of the recipe, the cook, the effect, and X’s out boxes (those diamond things on the right side) until it represents the number of servings produced.
  2. The recipe card serves as the physrep and can be passed around freely. However, servings can only be consumed at mealtimes unless you know otherwise. X out a box when you consume a serving.
  3. To serve as an ingredient for another recipe, a cooked meal needs to have all of its servings.
  4. You may only benefit from each meal once. However, you may have any number of effects granted by meals at any given time (ie. you may not eat twice of the same Beef Stew, but you can eat from two different Beef Stews to get 2 Trips)
  5. Restorative effects are not additive between cooked meals (ie. you cannot eat 2 Bread to restore 1 skill worth up to 2 cp)

So, if you eat 2 breads, you can restore two 1-CP skills, but not one 2-CP skill?

Correct. Each meal is treated individually (unless you know otherwise).

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When we consume food from a good, would it be alright if we also initial by that box to help us track which food we’ve eaten from?

Just to confirm, since meals can normally be cooked at any time but only consumed at a mealtime, the benefit of the Hot Plate engineering schematic is that it allows one meal to be consumed outside of a mealtime, correct? Can any player own a Hot Plate that allows them to eat a meal whenever, or must the cook be involved with the Hot Place device in some way?


Hmm, I need to check with Brian on that. My instinct is that the cook needs to use the hotplate to “serve” the meal, but we may end up editing the hotplate to be more clear.

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Does this mean “three” or whatever the default is for that meal, even if you some how generated something with more servings, or does it mean “no one can have eaten any of this”? If the second, can we have a convention for how many servings the meal started with? (A line through the column where the servings start, or whatever?)

“No one can have eaten any of this”. You will note that the recipe card has a space to write the number of servings, as well as the boxes to cross off.