Concerning Medical Care in Port Katherine

This notice is to inform all the citizens of Port Katherine that surgeons Leland Casmirre, Waxillium Wick, and Volt Volareth have left the colony of Port Katherine. To my knowledge, they may not return anytime soon, or ever. I wish them well, and hope they see success on their future endeavors, whatever they may be. Their contributions to the colony this first hectic year were instrumental, and I thank them for their service.

This does, however, mean that the amount of collective medical care that can be provided by the remaining surgeons in the colony has been drastically reduced. While I and, I am sure, my fellow remaining surgeons will do our very best to keep all members of Port Katherine as healthy as possible, I ask that the populace try to be understanding. No one wants to be unable to offer services–I very much hope that we will not find ourselves in the position to need to!–but I am no fortuneteller, and I cannot tell you what dangers or battles we might find ourselves in this coming year. By the time the Spring festivities arrive, it is possible ships may have brought more medical practitioners to our shores, but it is impossible to know for sure. One can always be hopeful.

Thank you for your time and your consideration. I look forward to seeing you all at the Festival of the Dawning.

Good health,

Teodora Serafina Valencia della Rossa Cieleone Teuthida Alizé

[OOC: Rough estimates put us at having lost approximately slightly less than a full half of the points of healing we had for during Winter 1718. While at least two of the remaining surgeons have bought more healing since then, it’s definitely not enough to offset the lost of three true surgeons.]


I know some herbal remedies have proven effective in making citizens be able to work far longer than usual without ill effect – if any of the surgeons have a line on such a thing, I’m sure the town would be well-served by donations to offset the cost of such things.

While I am also deeply saddened by the loss of such excellent pillars of our colony, I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to point out that O.Ch.R.E., the apothecary collective, produce a large number of healing vials each season which we happily make available to our fellows for a very reasonable price. I myself make twenty of these vials each season, and as of now none of them are spoken for. If anyone has an interest, please speak to me privately.

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Should we consider the proposed “medical token” system for the militia on hold until you can re-assess the availability of healing?

No, we believe that we can cover the healing required by the proposed system. As with any newly-implemented system, I expect there will be some wrinkles to iron out, but the core function of the agreement should be more or less stable. I believe Czeslawa has some more information she was intending to speak to you about in regards to specific details, Captain Ferris.


Thanks for keeping us updated, TĂ©a! I think so long as we surgeons are willing to clearly and accurately disclose our expertise (healing, surgery, mending limbs, purifying, etc), we will be able to assess the situation, which I believe will likely not be dire but rather slightly inconvenient. We remaining surgeons might want to regather and make sure we have an accurate list of such specialties.

Agreed. It is part of the reason I have waited to post the previously discussed notes we had made on the pricing for our services; given the losses and gains the medical community has experienced, I think they require a bit of an overhaul. Ideally, the next ship due in Spring will have some more medical practitioners on it to swell our ranks, but we will survive regardless. I would also like a comprehensive assessment of skills as you mentioned, if only so we know whom is best suited to each situation.