Component Research Project

Lady Verenberg would like an incredibly detailed reference book on where components may be found, among other things. If you would like to contribute, please comment here on the item (or a description of it) and the general area you picked it up. This will help apothecaries get you needed supplies in the future.

Much thanks.

I didn’t find anything in the woods.
I got two frogs off two of the wolf-antlered-things that were throwing swamp, and saw a scholar extract a maggot from a revenant.

I apologise but I believe the only component I acquired outside of the early morning component walk went on with you was the mushroom I found along the edge of the field past the stairs and pit ball pit.

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There was some lovely moss by the river and I know some common flowers were found there too. Slugs tended to be found by mud or puddles.

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I found a hedgehog under the fence by the “split field” and a flamedance butterfly in the firepit. Red roses were harvested off of the Leshi (plant people) as well.

Someone told me some other information, though I didn’t find these things first hand:
Mice and snakes are often found in the same areas under rocks, hedgehogs and grasshoppers are in the same-ish areas in fields, and slugs and frogs tend to be near each other by water.

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