Come write for us! Join staff!

tl;dr: Want to write for PK? Email us! Tell your friends!

Hi folks!

As Port Katherine gets into the swing of things for its fourth year(!), we want to put out a call for folks to join us as writers. We run a big, complicated game with a lot of moving parts, and the more writers we have, the more hands we have to make all those parts move smoothly, and the more drama and intrigue we can bring to every event. We’d love to add some new folks to our staff this year!

Are you a player who’s thought that maybe this game would be better if we had a detailed fishing mechanic and more skullduggery at the stock exchange? Maybe you’ve NPCed, and you enjoyed one of your roles enough that you want to write more stories to really bring that character to life. Or maybe you know a friend who isn’t part of the Port Katherine community yet who you think might like this LARP better from the staff side than playing! Please contact us via if you’re interested (and tell your friends to do the same), and we’ll tell you how to get started.

We’d be thrilled to have people at any commitment level, so even if the idea of running a LARP sounds kind of intimidating or scary, drop us a line and we can talk about low-stress ways to get started. Folks are also happy to talk you through what writing for us is like.

Whatever role you join us in, player, writer, or NPC, I think I can speak for all of staff when I say we feel so lucky to have you here as part of our community. We’re all working together to make this game the most fun and engaging experience possible, and we appreciate everything you do.

Charlotte, on behalf of Staff