Clarification on the Sleep Effect

While I understand that if you are hit while asleep it wakes you up, what is the case with special calls? If I have a parry available would I be able to parry that strike as it woke me up? Using last game as an example, I was hit with a sleep bullet and then hit with a critical blade strike. Should I have been able to parry that, or was taking and going into surgery all I could do?

When consulting the rules for sleep I read this.

Sleep:Fall asleep for 5 minutes. If anything jostles or damages you, wake up. If someone attempts tosearch or critical strike you, you wake up immediately and can prevent them from completing their action.

So I even though I see the critical strike as different in practice, I wasn’t sure how it might play out here.

To avoid confusion, I’m going to assume when you say “the critical strike” here you mean “the critical call, as delivered by a blade” instead of “normal critical strike” here. If that’s wrong, please let me know.

When you are asleep, if you are hit by something, that wakes you up. You can use any effect that would grant you a “resist”, but you cannot “parry” because you are asleep when you’re hit, and are waking up as a reaction (so by the time you’d be able to parry…the effect has already occurred).

It may be helpful to think of the “critical” call (as distinct from critical strikes) as basically the same as assassinate, but it doesn’t require surprise.


Thank you, yes, that was what I was trying to ask.

In general, it is reasonable to assume that any “I don’t take this effect (and maybe take something else” skills (parry, evasive maneuvers, retreat) will be explicit about whether they are something you “may” do or something you “must” do (for example: parry is a skill you have to actively use, as is evasive maneuvers. retreat Just Happens No Matter What). If you “may” do it, unless the skill specifically states otherwise, assume you have to be conscious when hit in order for it to be usable. If you “must” do it, it Just Works (even if someone is Slept and then Pierced, if they have Retreat they take the Pierce as 10 damage). You are not a sleepwalking ninja unless you specifically and explicitly know otherwise