Chemical augmentation and weird elixirs

So a couple of us were talking and we realized we don’t know: what exactly does “the next time it would be effective” mean in the chemical augmentation rules for Artificers? Is it literally just “the next time it would have any effect whatsoever?” Or is there some amount of judgement on the part of the artificer/augment as to what the intended effect is? How does that work with weirder elixirs?

So for example, if I were an artificer and I slotted a Stand with Spirits, would it trigger as soon as I slotted it (since it would technically have an effect any time I took it) or would there need to be some sort of trigger condition?

Do elixirs that would require this sort of judgement just not work with the augment?


“The next time it would be effective” is meant to prevent elixirs that have trigger conditions from going off early and being “wasted.” It doesn’t mean that you can necessarily hold any elixir.

In your example, the Stand with Spirits elixir would go off immediately, because it would be immediately effective. An Awaken vial, however, would not (since you aren’t unconscious yet). Same thing with a Bloodshield elixir if you already have a bloodshield on, etc.

Basically, the very first moment that the effect of the elixir would be as intended, it works.



That makes sense!