"Checking In" and the OK Symbol

With my concurrence and a majority vote of the Board of Directors, Port Katherine will no longer be using the “ok” symbol for emotional check-ins. Since this gesture has been co-opted by white supremacists, there’s absolutely no reason why we should even suggest to anyone that we condone their beliefs or allow any confusion on that point.

From now on, feel free to use a thumbs up or wavering thumbs up/thumbs down to silently ask if everything is good emotionally in a scene. You can also say “clarify, is everything ok?” as normal. But we want to move away from “ok” going forward.

Thanks for helping with this,


If you want to check in with someone else, I’ve found a thumbs up and an inquisitive look or a thumbs up while pointing at the other person (both hands close to the chest) gets your point across fairly well. So does giving a thumbs up and rotating your thumb 45 degrees until it’s pointing at the person you’re asking.


And just to clarify: this policy will apply at all RFR games, including Witchwood. A post on those forums will come soon.


I hate that this is the world we live in, but I love that RFR cares and is aware enough to take such things into consideration :heart:


And another quick add-on for clarity: when we say “by a majority vote of the board,” we don’t mean that anyone voted against this policy. We mean that as soon as we had the majority vote locked in, we pushed the policy out the door before waiting for everyone else to respond to their email. :slight_smile: