Character Development: The Thread

We are officially one year into the Port Katherine Expedition! A lot of things have happened, and a lot of people’s fundamental understanding of how the world works have been shaken. That being said, what is an event (or several events) that has/have changed your character somehow, and how have they been changed? Feel free to be as detailed or a vague as you’d like. (This can be a physical change, an emotional change, a philosophical change, whatever).


Lily has had a complete crisis of faith and basically left the Shatterite church entirely.
She’s having second thoughts about the series of choices that put her in Port Katherine (not about actually going to Port Katherine).
It’s fucked up that magic seems to exist though, right? Can we all just take a minute and acknowledge how fucked up that is?


Jeremy never thought of himself as a soldier before. Still doesn’t quite, but he’s constantly either on the front lines or defending triage, and he signed up for the militia. All the fighting for survival has taken a strange toll on his outlook.
He also has a new and growing frustration with politics that wasn’t there before, for probably obvious reasons.


Wow; where to begin.


Physical changes: Annaliese had some of her life sucked out by the pirate staff, and now has a lock of gray hair. She decided to keep it rather than keep dying it, and has developed a nervous habit of fiddling with it when she thinks she might have done (or is knowingly considering doing) something reckless, or when contemplating her mortality.

Religious: Annaliese was Knights Belligerent, but then joined the “negotiate with the fae” side of the debate, for reasons of practicality. The very fact that some of them were willing to consider a non-violent non-conquering arrangement meant she needed to reconsider her own approach, and feels she can no longer be part of the Knights Belligerent. She does have a strong appreciation for the kind of community that often springs up around religion, however, and so is looking for a replacement. She might have even found one…

Philosophical: Annaliese has been having a lot of thoughts about leadership, nobility, and responsibility. What does it really mean to be a good leader? She is supposed to lead by virtue of her birth but… has she been falling down on the job? And some of the things she’s learned were rather disillusioning, about how much other nobles take their responsibility to the people seriously. But… has she really been doing any better, even if she meant to be? Better than active negligence, sure, but is that enough? Especially if other nobles aren’t necessarily doing their jobs? She must do better.

Politics: WHO KNOWS


Kleis Ian struggling to convince himself that the status quo of Kithiran nobility is totally appropriate and acceptable.

He’s mostly managed to distract himself hating the new dawn for attacking his brother, and he’s been projecting most of his issues onto them.


Sonas has found Love and finally gets what it is all about. She still realizes heartbreak or death are pretty much the only two eventual options, but she’s hoping it will wait a lot longer. (ha) She is fascinated to find that magic is a real, true thing, but still has so much she wants to learn in Apothecary, which is much safer and more legal so she is satisfied with her career choice. After getting scarred trying to save Jules she’s learned her limits a bit more and hopefully won’t be quite so reckless; about some things anyway. She’s kind of embracing a “never say die” attitude towards living life to its fullest and just hoping she is blessed enough to get more days.