Character AMA

A bunch of us on Facebook are doing “Ask Me Anything about my character” statuses and I didn’t want anyone to miss out.

Feel free to post if you want to answer questions about your character.

Or if you want to ask about Lily. :slight_smile:


This might get crowded so I’m going to suggest using a format like:
Character name1: question
Character name2: question

for the askers.

Also, Annaliese is fair game.

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Same with Jules

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@LadyMaverick: Does Annaliese have a special someone back home, or is she not spoken for?

@DRubenstein: Why did Jules decide to come to Port Katherine, and does he regret it?


Jules was ordered to Port Katherine by the military. So far, he doesn’t regret it.


Annaliese is not spoken for, and is a bit prone to fanciful crushes.


People should feel free to ask about Téa as well.


@Metaphorphasis: How did Téa get into medicine?

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Téa went to Eleutheria University for business and all the other things she was expected to learn as the daughter of a well-off merchant house. While she was there, she sat in on a live demonstration in an operating theatre and found herself captivated by what medicine could do. Also medical practitioners are always needed out in the world, and she really, REALLY wanted an excuse to leave Tojima for the first time in…ever. That said, she takes her work very seriously and is keenly interested in cutting edge medical technology.


OMG thank you for bringing this over here. I always angst about isolating myself from my larp communities due to my no facebook policy.

Also people should ask me things about Ravil if they want.


@spaige Does Ravil’s arm really run on arcanum and do they really need to feed it?

Tashif is fair game as well.

:joy: I actually don’t know? I think mechanical arms, like most engineering creations, take an upkeep but I haven’t hashed out the details with staff yet.

In the interim, I’m going to say Ravil is ignorant of the arm’s workings and doesn’t think so, but the Science Twins might be fueling it behind their back.


@TecN01R Does Julien have any siblings? What are they like?

Oh, please someone ask Amarallys about stuff!

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@spaige So why was that individual after you? They do not wish you harm, do they, Ravil?

As a heads up, you can get your character name to appear next to your screen name if you go to your character page and click the heart.

@Metaphorphasis What is Tea’s medical opinion on how the Unifier’s party is handling the plague? Does she have any other ideas?

It’s weird, because my heart is clicked and doing so again, even several times, doesn’t seem to affect anything!

(But I appreciate the tip nonetheless)

"Ah, well, you know. When two people… have relations, they don’t always part on good or honest terms, and then maybe one gets sent a letter - by a third party who’s a vicious busybody - that tells that person where the first person is these days and they decide to… follow up.

And the first person needs to, you know, not have that kind of conversation for a fourth time that day because that’s just how this festival has been going. So they borrow a bonnet and a seat at a table and take some time to think about all the mistakes they’ve made that lead them to that point.

…What I mean to say is, I took care of it, we had a nice chat, it’s fine, thank ye for asking."