Character AMA P2

The last AMA thread was getting unmanageably long. Let’s move it over here! Feel free to answer questions that have already been asked in the old thread, or ask new ones!

I’ll (re)start us off by saying that Annaliese is fair game and also

Everyone: If your character’s life so far were a type of media, what type of media would it be? (e.g. Horror film, surrealist podcast, children’s adventure novel)

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Alternate Universe FRIENDS sitcom.

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Family/political drama.

(Téa is fair game for questions.)

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A story game/dating sim in approximately the style of Long Live the Queen.

Porting from part 1:
@Everyone: With whom do you hope to dance at the New Year’s festival? Or perhaps, hope to avoid?

Isadora is fair game for pointed questions


I think Isaac would be quietly delighted if /anyone/ asked him to dance (though also quietly panicked as he does not know how to dance all that well).


Well, I’d like to dance with Veryn, if it won’t result in him fighting with the Navy. I know he and the Navy are going to fight, but I’d prefer they do it when I’m not around. I would almost certainly be upset, regardless of the outcome.

Or, Iussepp(sp?) is quite charming, and did save my life that one time.

ZED and Isaac are both interesting individuals as well.

And there’s a new friend who I would like the opportunity to get to know better, though I am ashamed to admit I cannot recall their name.

Oh, or Evy seems nice.

Oh dear, how many dances do we get?


Someone, please teach me how to do these dances. I don’t know how, but Annaliese really should.


Sláine is in the exact same position. As she recently told her siblings, “I’m down to only my right arm but I have two left feet, so dancing should be great.”


I can’t decide between either a Real-Play Podcast, or a Young Adult book (probably fantasy-mystery).

Either way, the number of times I look back at James’ decision after a weekend is over and just ask “Why?!” is very appropriate to my experience with both those media types :slight_smile:

(and, of course, James is fair game for questions)

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Rukiye Maryam I think is from one of those fantasy novels where the main character looks around a lot and goes, wtf is my life, I’m just a [insert boring trade here] and yet…

Rukiye hopes to dance with a variety of her allies if they are amenable. She hopes to dance with Countess Soames if she is not too busy. She hopes to use the feast to make connections and not get interrupted by strange beings. She assumes her hopes will be for naught and there will be Meetings.

Rukiye is open for questions.

@anyone What are you most excited about for Spring?


Clarity would like to dance with several teatime friends. And would like to avoid the Davi/Everhart crew. She might dance with Montgomery, only to push him around the floor.

Ffion is obvious, though she would be flattered at anyone who wanted to dance with her.

Radumil would dance only as much as necessary for the optics. Too clumsy.

Dauphine doesn’t have anyone she’s really after atm, but actually really loves dancing.

Hester will be at the bar drinking. No thanks.


Pre-PK: like…small-town crime drama, and they’re not even the main character. They’re the witness who jumps town when things get too hot.

Current: who the hell even knows. Supernatural thriller? Honestly I lost control of this character’s narrative on like day 2 of my first event and it’s been great.


Auntie is silent shadow puppet theater, requires attention to follow and is kind of dark and terrifying regardless.


OoG: just hanging out with y’all some more and seeing what the shit goes wrong next…

IG: Maybe this Spring will be quiet and peaceful? Going home would be nice (which is saying something; home = Drevnia), but…there are still so many things that need to be dealt with, first…

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…wouldn’t… wouldn’t the optics suggest Radumil should dance one dance with Clarity… ? :crazy_face:

IC: Excited? Who has time to be excited? There’s so much I need to do before Spring. Don’t make me think about Spring!

OOC: [Hopefully] debuting some sweet Artificer phys reps, the continuation of Kleis’ suitors plot (which … maybe will happen some at Winter Feast? That would be appropriate and exciting), getting to sink some CP into advanced Artificer skills… was I supposed to pick just one? :eyes: Oh! Oh! & turning over the human size aetherhog costume to staff & knowing it could make an appearance for Reasons at any time but having no idea in what form or when.

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We’ve been told we’re a children’s educational program that’s gotten way out of hand


Clarity and Radumil would obviously dance together. You all will just… never witness it.


PSSH Clarity and Isaac are gonna be best friends by the end of this year.


It took me way longer than it should have to realize why this would be the case.


Gritty HBO period drama

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Here’s a fun one: What does your character think of the person (character) to post last?

(For staff be sure to identify what NPC you’re referring to)