Character 2 Truths, 1 Lie

As a fun little alternative to the AMA

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Bertrand enjoys singing, once stabbed a man just to watch him die, and feels like as noble as his profession is, there is no chance of a life beyond servitude


Interesting. I’m gonna make a guess and say, option #3?

Livewell is a local leader of a cult, enjoys long walks deep into the woods, and is not a psychopath.

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#2 obviously. Have you seen the woods around this colony?

  • Though Isadora is the eldest Sobeck child and a Zlotan, she can never be family head.
  • Isadora is quite determined to marry a particular fellow colonist, who as yet has not figured out that’s her angle.
  • Isadora did not fully vote as she said she would for town council.
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I’m gonna say #1, as I think she’s a romantic who keeps her word.

Seeing as Prudence has gained a number of choice nicknames in her short time at Port Katherine, I’ll frame this in terms of nicknames. Back on Zlota, two of the following were real nicknames that she would respond to:

Nightwatcher, Our Lady Death, and Peaches

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Hmmm, I feel like this is a trick. I’m going with #1, Nightwatcher.

…fair play, you got it in one. Well done.

Rukiye has 3 children.
Rukiye’s mother refused to speak to her for one year after she took up studying natural history.
Rukiye finds the Fae quite fascinating.

Really? That’s exciting.

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Well, I don’t know all there is to know about you. #1

Nope! Rukiye has three children back on Chepstone, where the rest of her Household stayed and chose not to relocate.

Fair enough. ((That’s what I get for not double checking your bio (or maybe I just learned something new))

  • James trusts his fellow towns members with his life
  • James hates being in the Tavern
  • James loves to fight

Oh phew! I’m glad you like our establishment :wink:

I used to be a Snail farmer,
I am a recovering addict,
and Never have I ever slept with someone for money.

I am guessing, realizing I know almost nothing about you, that #2 is the lie?

"At least for now!

I do worry I am getting a bit too fond of some hard liquor in the evenings lately… Port Katherine has not been a restful place!"

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I don’t believe he enjoys signing.